Monday, November 3, 2014

Cold season, even in Yuma

A quiet day yesterday, temps in the lower 70’s and breezy. There were moments I felt cold! Go figure. But definitely a beautiful day. I have been here a week, and this is the first time my door has blown shut. Time to hook up the bungee.

I did not go in the house at all yesterday. Barbara was feeling much worse, and I really don’t want to get sick. Although I am a bit sniffly this morning. I hope I didn’t catch her cold. I heard Howard coughing when he let Peanut out this morning, so it might be a couple of days on my own out here. Good thing we went grocery shopping, I have plenty of food, water, electricity and TV, so I should be good.

I spent most of the day reading. I didn’t walk, it was Sunday and I decided to take the day off. Not sure I am up to it this morning either, but I will figure that out when I get dressed. I’m feeling kind of sluggish, so maybe a short walk.

I piddled around for a while yesterday, trying to reduce some clutter and clear off the little bit of counter that I have. Got rid of some paper, tried unsuccessfully to find a place to hang the veggie basket where it wouldn’t be in the way of anything, planted some cat grass for KC. Then I finished the book I started a couple of days ago, and then read another. It was nice sitting outside, not too hot, not too cold. A couple more days like that, then it is supposed to warm up again.

Since I didn’t go in the house, I didn’t get to have dinner with them last night. I tried out the convection part of the microwave. My fish cooked ok, but the veggies weren’t done. I switched it all over to a plate and microwaved it after, until the veggies were soft enough. I had some of the swai fish that I bought last week, a sweet potato, onion and italian squash. Using the convection part of the oven is going to be trial and error I think. I could have gotten out my little toaster oven and used that, but by the time I considered it, I already had everything in the pan. The pan I used wouldn’t fit in the little oven. Tonight I am going to have either one of my little steaks I cut the other day, or some of the precooked chicken. Veggies will be in my cast iron pan so I won’t need the oven anyway. Or, I could crock pot something….hmmmm…

I can’t wait to get my scooter. I hope it is everything I hoped for and will serve it’s purpose. I don’t need any more dead weight lying around. For now, I am going to try to get it into Ody for the short trip to Q. And will have to figure out a way to carry it outside when I leave there. 

Funny, was just writing about the scooter when the company called. The one I ordered is on backorder, and they suggested a different one. Since I don’t want to wait, I agreed to the substitution. Looks like a decent scooter, I hope I am happy with it.  

Well, time to get myself moving. Might wander thru the expensive neighborhood across the road today. I don’t like looking at the same stuff over and over. The walks go a lot faster when there is something to look at instead of walking for the exercise. I don't have much of anything on the agenda, just hope everyone is feeling better.

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