Saturday, November 22, 2014

Trip to Quartzsite and the Colorado River Balloon Festival

Good trip to Quartzsite yesterday. I now have a winter PO box. 
Quartzsite wasn’t quite what I expected. I had seen pictures, but it isn’t the same. I drove around one of the LTVA’s for quite a while. Got a feel for the place and an idea of which direction to head when I get there with Ody. I picked up some maps and got a phone book while I was at the post office.

The car was fine. Up and back without any problems. Should be an OK trip up there with Ody and Firefly. I have to really think about getting a backup camera for Ody since I won’t be able to see Firefly at all when she is hooked up. But since it is such a short drive and I won’t be needing it for a while, will put that off for now. Maybe I can rig something up with my wireless camera and iPad for Tuesday. I think I have everything I need to make a temporary system. Will play around with that tomorrow and see if I can make something work.

Went to Frank’s Family Restaurant at the country club for an all you can eat fish fry for dinner last night. Howard had a commitment so it was just me and Barbara. It was a long day. I spent over three hours driving. The car gets about 26mpg, that was mixed driving…highway, town and the camping area.

This morning, since Barbara is still sick, Howard and I went to the Colorado River Balloon Festival. We are left about quarter to six so we could see them setup and go up. We might go see the fireworks and the balloon glow tonight. There is also a holiday bazaar today that Barbara will be going to too. Going to be a full day. I am hoping to get a nap in there somewhere because I didn’t sleep well and have been up since 3:30.

The balloon festival was fun. I took a ton of pics. Here are a couple of highlights...

The rest of them are here....

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