Saturday, November 29, 2014

A bunk and a dinette!

I started my day out with a good walk, almost two miles, with my hiking shoes. Wasn’t too bad, even kept them on for a while when I got back. I used my walk yesterday to figure out where I am on the LPS map. Also scoped out the utilities - dumpsters, water and dump station. I’m thinking if I move Ody once a week to dump tanks and refill water, I can take two showers a week. As long as I am conservative. I am missing my daily shower. 

The pen is pointing to an x marking my location on the map.

After I got back, I got started on clearing out the passenger side bunk. The driver side is the one with the shelving, and I am keeping that. The shelving was custom fit, so it probably wouldn’t fit on the other side anyway. 

I got everything hauled outside, and then proceeded to move the bed. I had to refold and lay out all my quilts first, then put the mattress on top of them. Figured since I had it all torn apart, I would put my xmas quilt on the bed. It is after Thanksgiving. :) Got the bed made up and ready to nap on, Then moved on to setting up the dinette. 

I have a water leak somewhere that needs to be addressed. One of the bases for the table is loose and wobbly, floor is soft. It has to be the fresh water tank, so will take that apart and see if I can figure out what is going on there. But now I need to put a brace on the wall to steady the table. At some point I will also have to have the floor fixed. I will fix the leak first, and see how bad it is when it dries out. 

Anyway, finally found a place to hang my fruit/veggie basket, and a spot for my thunder gourd I bought last week. Ate my dinner at the table last night, and then tried to watch some TV, but the damned benches are very uncomfortable. :( It isn’t a place that I can sit for any length of time, and TV watching is going to be at a minimum until I can figure out a comfortable place/way to sit. I ended up turning off the TV last night because I was too uncomfortable. I guess I won’t be falling asleep in front of the TV any more. Maybe a folding chair, but that will always be in the way. Just can’t seem to win. I solve one problem that creates another.

Kali Cat seems to be liking the changes. She did loose her hidey spot under the bed, but she spent the afternoon on one of the benches, then moved to the new bed for the rest of the night. Bonus on the bed, I have a whole new window to look out. More air circulation. Would be nice if I could free up the one on the opposite side too, but that probably isn’t going to happen. Will have to make a curtain for it at some point. For now, I am looking out on the wash which is filled with small trees and scrub, so it isn’t a priority.

Got all the stuff I moved out of Ody moved over to the screen house temporarily. Today I need to go thru the kitchen cabinets and pull out the stuff I haven’t used in the three months I have been living in here and make room for some stuff that I really don’t want to get rid of, but don’t have room for any more. Tomorrow I will start sorting the stuff I pulled out. Most of it has to go. I do need to pull some bins from the other side too to sort. I’m going to have to reduce pretty much everything including my craft stuff. There really is very little storage in Ody. I would like to get a solar oven, but there is no place to store it. 

Since I went to sleep so early last night, I was awake at 12:30, and have been up since then. I guess that means there is a nap on the agenda for today. I haven’t had one since the day I got here. I’m due. :) I was outside for a little while, but there was some sort of critter in the bushes, so I didn’t stay out. I have no idea what it was, but the glowing eyes were smaller than a raccoon. I am curious tho, but not so curious that I would get closer. There are all sorts of strange nocturnal critters out here in the desert.

Well, I’m cold. It is 45 out and 56 in, so it is time to go back to bed and snuggle with the furry one. 

Here is a sunset and a sunrise for you....

And my spot looking back from my walk....

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