Sunday, November 23, 2014

Balloons and Bazaars

Yesterday was another full day. Howard and I took off about 5:30 AM to go watch the balloons setup and take off. I took hundreds of photos, I had two cameras around my neck. It was cold, and the grass was damp and I was grateful that I had grabbed my slippers and a second sweatshirt as we were leaving. Hot air balloons are pretty impressive. The setup and break down and everything in between. Beautiful colors and designs. Not something I would want to do, but enjoyed watching them from the ground and snapping memories. 

We got back fairly early yesterday morning, and I tended to a few chores, garbage, vacuuming, etc. Then tried to get a little nap. It was at least a snuggle session with KC and a few snoozes in between. At lunch time, Barbara and I went off to the Holiday Bazaar - what we call a craft fair. Lots of vendors. I did spend some money, but I think I have my xmas shopping pretty much done. I won’t know for sure until I get settled this week, pull everything out and inventory it. I also got a sparkly little xmas tree. It was really cute. I may have to set it up outside tho, it is about four feet tall. Or, I could trim it down to a smaller size. Once again, will figure that out when I get settled for the season. 

Last night at dusk, we went to the Balloon Glow at the ball park and then saw the fireworks. 

I am looking forward to getting settled, and emptying Ody out and maybe making some more space inside. I really would like to get the kitchen dinette back to it’s intended purpose instead of using it as my bed, and a working bunk would be awesome. I just joined a couple of groups for Quartzsite bartering and trading on FB. See if I can get rid of more stuff and maybe generate some income.

I am very nervous about towing for the first time, but it is a good road, not a lot of traffic, and is a short drive relatively speaking. Once I get there, I will have to pick out a spot. Hoping for some trees…there aren’t a lot of those in the desert. And will have to figure out something for KC so she can have some outdoor time. After looking around online, this seems like the best solution. These are built out of storage cubes. Can be assembled and taken down fairly easy. But I am going to wait until I get there to buy the materials and build one for KC.  (After the visit to the vet). These can also be reused as something else later.  Will be making regular trips to Walmart, so I should be able to get as many as I need. I still have a cat door, so she would be able to go in and out as she pleases. Attach it to the side of Ody at a window somewhere.

Today, Howard and I are going to assemble the electrical harness for towing Firefly. And I really need to walk this morning, I haven’t walked in two days. But I should have that done by the time he gets moving this morning (afternoon). Other than that, nothing on the agenda. I could use a quiet day…not that I am complaining. In the month that I have been here, I have already done more than I did the four and a half years Jake has been gone, combined. It has been fun and interesting. 

Kali Cat seems to be ok. No more accidents. Intermittent tiny clumps in the litter box, but no excessive straining. Will know more tomorrow. I got her started on the supplements, so hopefully we will be good for a while. There is at least one vet in Q, and I already know where it is if I have to take her. I will see if there are any others after I get there. I have a feeling she is winding down tho. The trip has been rough on her, but we will be settling in for about four months which will help. If she has to leave me, I hope she does it quietly in her sleep, and that I won’t have to make any heart rending decisions. And I am also very glad I will have a little car to get around in. I should have just bitten the bullet and towed the Jeep. Oh well. Hindsight and all that…

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