Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A day of shopping and errands

I’m up early again this morning. I am hoping to be able to go back to sleep. We might be going to Mexico this afternoon, a lot depends on Barbara and how she is feeling. She still sounded terrible last night when I went in for dinner. 

Howard and I went out and did some errands and some shopping yesterday. We went downtown to the farmers market, but it wasn’t there. So instead we went into a couple of antique shops, a micro brewery, and just looked around. I bought a ring. It is silver with three lines of CZ, and it goes with all my other rings. It is really pretty, it fit, and it was only $15 in the antique shop. My Yuma souvenir.

Then we went to Harbor Freight. What a fun store. I got a slingshot, a new electronic fly swatter (mine died at Elephant Butte), a couple of new tools for jewelry making, batteries, cable ties and wire nuts. I had a lot of fun looking around. I did look at the solar panels while I was there, but they were only 13 watt each, and I can get higher wattage panels that will take up a much smaller footprint elsewhere. I will have to teach myself to use the slingshot. You never know, it might come in handy at some point.

From there, we did errands, Lowes, Walmart…and while we were in Walmart, I got the call that my glasses were ready, so we went and got those too. I picked up a few groceries while at WM, TP, cat litter, the fun stuff. 

I did walk yesterday, a little over a mile, but walking here is hard and makes my hips hurt. I ordered a new pair of Teva walking sandals, mine are in their second season, and I should never wear them more than one. They have no more cushion to them and I am walking on either concrete or pavement here. I think the sandals are probably more than half the problem. I have also put quite a few miles on the old sandals in the last couple of months, and I usually retire them long before now. Time to toss them out and start a new pair. I don't think I will walk again until the new ones get here, supposedly tomorrow. Especially if we are going to Mexico today, I don’t want to be hurting before we start. I do have another pair of Teva’s, but they aren’t for walking. There is no cushion. I wore those yesterday afternoon.

Kali Cat and I went out for a while yesterday. I think this morning, she will be out on her own. The yard is large, and she shows no interest in going over the wall, still too many interesting things to keep her attention inside the wall. She wanted to go in the house, she got up and looked in the door, then jumped up on the ledge and checked out the windows looking for a cat door. But Peanut is inside and I don’t think that would go well, he would chase her if she ran, and if she went over the wall, I would never get her back. She seems to be feeling much better, asked for a second dinner last night. She was very insistent, so I gave it to her. She is putting on some weight, which she really needs. She lost quite a bit when she was sick. She ate it all during the night and is already asking for her breakfast.

The glasses are going to take some getting used to with the progressive lenses. I now have bifocals, and that in itself is an adjustment. They darken up nicely outside tho.The gray tint will take a little adjustment too, my former sunglasses had a red tint to them.  I plan on wearing them today.

I am sniffly and stuffed up this morning, but there has been a lot of dust in the air the last couple of days with the wind and the dry conditions. I’m hoping that is all it is.

I can't seem to get past being tired. I haven't been getting any naps because Howard and Barbara's schedule is opposite mine. They are just getting moving when my day is half done. And I have been waking and getting up really early, and I go to sleep much earlier than they do. An hour nap, early afternoon makes a huge difference for me. Without it, I am ready to go to sleep by dinner time.

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