Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A new (old) truck?

It took me a while to shake the crankies yesterday, but I did. After I got the phone calls taken care of, I got out the work computer and made some more website changes and troubleshot an email that wasn’t working. I never did get my walk in. I had to wait for the water to heat up before I could get my shower, and by the time I got everything done, Howard was ready to go run errands. 

We went to a couple different places to find a latch for the door because I found all the parts and pieces except the spring. We ended up going back to the first place and buying one. Then we went to the grocery store. I was out of just about all of my perishables, at least I was out of fruit. I do still have some useable veggies. I bought my very first prickly pear fruit, will probably try it today.  I also got some steaks and pork chops, they were buy one get one free. I got $28 worth of free meat. Will get all that into the freezer today. 

Later in the day we tackled replacing the door latch, but the one we bought wouldn’t work. So I had to find the missing spring. Got out some magnets and a stick and started dragging it along the ground. I did finally find the spring, just about the time I was ready to give up. The screws on the door were stripped out, so needed larger screws. Got that done and had to adjust the clip on the door that holds the screen door and outside door together. Those screws were stripped too. The door is working. It isn’t properly aligned, it has had some serious problems in the past, but it works and we stopped there instead of trying to realign it. I didn’t want to make it any worse than it is.

Howard and Barbara are fine with me staying yet another week. I am relieved to have the jeep taken care of finally. Now I can keep my eyes open for a possible replacement. I do miss that car tho. I liked it. But it is just a car. Barbara is still quite sick.

Ody hasn’t been started in over two weeks and I have been using the TV antenna which runs off the engine battery, so we put a trickle charger on it yesterday. I may have to do something similar of the solar variety when I hit Q. I will have to see what is available.

Was just looking on craigslist at cars. Found an older nissan pickup, standard transmission, good price. Sent the guy an email. If it hasn’t sold, I might get Howard to go look at it with me. If I bought it, I could get Iola to register it for me, or I could just use Howard’s address I suppose. Standard transmission is easier to tow, it is a 4 cylinder, good on gas…old, wouldn’t cost much to insure it. And being an AZ car, no rust. Then I would have wheels and extra storage. Might already be sold tho.

Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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