Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dates, prickly pear, and wheels

I got my walk in yesterday. I started late, but it was overcast (first time since I have been here) and was comfortable walking. I stopped at the date farm around the corner and bought some dates. I haven’t had a date in years, both the fruit variety and the social variety, and couldn’t remember if I liked them or not. Then I walked a little along the canal until I hit  my mile mark. I have it down to 18.5 minutes per mile now, which is better than last weeks 19 point something. Then I cut across one of the residential neighborhoods. So far, I have managed to make each walk a little different, even if only for part of the route. But I think I am running out of options and will have to start covering previously walked routes. I may try to go a little further today. I did 1.6 miles yesterday. Would like to get it back up to two without having to struggle to finish.

As for the dates, I had one of each variety after lunch. I definitely like the medjools better than the unnamed blacks. I gave this batch to Howard and Barbara and will stop and get some more for myself. They were very sweet, one is more than enough. A healthy dessert. And they are good for me. I wasn’t sure, so I looked them up. Maybe they will cure my craving for a sweet after dinner at night. I also tried prickly pear fruit for the first time. It was interesting. Kinda tasted like watermelon but with pomegranate type seeds in it. I didn’t dislike it, but am not sure I will buy more. I had to try it. 

Did some reading in the afternoon. Kept an eye on Kali Cat. She is still affected by the shots they gave her. Very loving, head butting, herself, but more so. Almost like she is on speed. She didn’t eat her breakfast, just drank the water I mixed in. But she did eat some chicken at lunch from my wrap. I only gave her half her food before we went out later in the day and it was gone when we got back so I gave her the rest. She ate that too. I hate throwing out food. I am doing the same thing this morning, so technically, at the moment, she is getting fed four times a day. Hope she doesn’t get used to it.  The clumps in the litter box are getting larger again, so that is a good sign too. 

I have been looking for a car on craigslist for several days now. Since the jeep is sold, it is time to find another. Was talking to Howard and Barbara about that late yesterday and Barbara suggested we go to the park and sell lot in Foothills about 15 miles away and see what is available. So we did. I saw several that were close to what I wanted, but nothing that excited me. But while we were there and older couple pulled up and asked if we were looking for a tracker. They had one they just decided to sell. So we followed them back and looked at it. I am pretty sure I am going to buy it today. It is a 93 Geo Tracker, 4x4, soft top. Basically exactly what I was looking for. It comes with all the towing gear already installed and ready to hook up. The color even matches Ody. Go figure. We are going back to look at it again this afternoon in the daylight with check in hand. It is a tiny car and should tow behind Ody easily.  Serendipity, fate, it just feels like it was supposed to happen. The price is good since it already has all the tow equipment. That would cost me 2 to 3k to have installed and is only 1k more than I got for the jeep. 

The one I looked at last night is very similar to this. It was too dark to get a pic tho.

If I do buy it, I will register it here. Use my “current” address. I can get it registered and insured on Monday and pick it up when my check clears. That way it will be completely legal when I drive it back here. Then when I am ready to leave, I will have Howard “train” me on hooking it up and towing. It is going to be so nice having my own wheels again. I’m tired of having to have people drive me around. I want to see more of the places that I have been staying in. Ody isn’t for sight seeing. Just too much work and too cumbersome. Needless to say, I am excited. It won’t be the same as having my jeep, but it will be mine, good on gas, and liberating. Howard has offered me the use of his old tracker, but it just isn't the same using someone else's car. And it won't do me any good when I leave here.

That is about all I have this morning. Looks like I might get an early walk today. :) I got on the scales yesterday. Curiosity finally got the better of me, and I am down over 15lbs, and have finally gone below the plateau that I hadn’t been able to get below? Yay! I don’t know exactly how many lbs I am down since I seem to have deleted the app that stored that info. Oh well. Either way, I am very pleased. I hope it continues. Would love to loose about another 40lbs.

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