Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kali Cat is sick again.

I guess we are off to see the vet today. Kali Cat is sick again. Although I thought she was better this morning, she is having trouble peeing, and was peeing everywhere last night and tossed her dinner. She kept her second dinner down tho. 

She had a good night and seems fine this morning, I was hoping she was feeling better and we wouldn't have to go to the vet. She climbed the tree again, ate her breakfast and was acting frisky. But I just followed her around the yard, and she kept trying to pee. Basically just drops. :(

I have the keys to the little car, and will try to get her in the carrier. I’m thinking some chicken might do it. She loves chicken.

Thought I was going to look at  little pickup yesterday, but never heard back from the guy.

I am going to cut this short this morning so I can get going on the vet thing. Get myself showered and dressed and give them a call to see when I can get her in. It is going to be a real challenge. A car I have never driven before, unfamiliar territory, and a sick cat. At least it is only a couple of miles away and I have my phone gps.


  1. I'm sorry Kali Cat is sick again, I hope the vet visit went well and she will be on her feet again very soon.

  2. Thank you. I am posting the update now.