Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Feeling the urge to roll

Yesterday did not go the way I had expected, or the way I wanted. I did go with Barbara to her doctor’s appointment, she said we would be gone an hour. Over four hours later, we finally made it back. I had gone too long without eating, and wasn’t feeling well and was very cranky.  Add to that the fact that her driving style makes me very nervous…I was ready to crash for a while after eating to regulate my blood sugar. All we did was go to Walmart. Did some grocery shopping and had some photos printed. That was a learning experience in itself. I had never had photos printed off an SD card before, so it was a learning experience for both of us. Anyway, I started to get the shakes while we were still in the store. Thankfully, I picked up something I could snack on quickly to help prevent a full blown event.

I did not get the tool box emptied. I did not get much of anything done. We got back around 1:30, then left for the Golden Corral for an early dinner around three. I did get to close my eyes and relax for about a half hour.  More errands after dinner, then back to get my antenna back up since I had to take it down during the storm, and tune in the TV for DWTS. It is on at 7 here instead of 8. I managed to stay awake during Castle last night, but missed a whole section of DWTS. Oh well. It happens…on a regular basis. 

I have insurance on the tracker. What a go round that was. I called my agent in VT, but since the car is being registered here, he couldn’t do it. Not licensed in AZ. I had to find a local agency, and that took about an hour on the phone to do. BUT, I can’t get the car registered until the agent actually sees the car in person. So I will have to drive it to the insurance agency without a registration and plates. Once that is done, I can get it registered. Getting it registered in VT would have been even more difficult as the VIN would have to be verified by a law enforcement agency. 

The Golden Corral is an all you can eat buffet. I was bad, very bad. I even had dessert…something I haven't had in a very long time. I had fried foods too. But it was fun, and I need to walk this morning and be very good for a few days to compensate. It is very difficult eating with others, because I can’t have the carbs that most people eat. Drives up my blood sugar and A1C. I think that is half the problem with my last reading. I have had so many meals provided by my hosts, and almost all of them are carb laden.

I have been invited for Thanksgiving by both Barbara and Howard, but if all goes well with KC on Monday, I am going to head for Q on Tuesday. I am ready to move on. I hadn’t planned on spending a whole month here, and I am feeling the urge to move on. I had only planned on being here a week, two at the most, and here I am going into my fourth week. They have been wonderful about it, but I’m definitely ready to hit the road. Although I am not looking forward to towing, I have to learn sometime and it should be an easy drive from here to Quartzsite. There will be Thanksgiving events going on in Q if I am up to socializing.

I do have to walk this morning, I haven’t for two days now. Add to that the meal I ate last night…just gotta do it. Then, if they haven’t made plans for the day, I am going to work on that tool box. I’m hoping that I can get the car situation finalized today or tomorrow…how long does it take for a check to clear?

Just transferred some money into my debit account and while I was doing that, the check for the car posted. So maybe I will get it today. :) That would be nice. Finally.  Yay. :)

Kali Cat seems to be better. Fewer trips to the litter box, larger clumps again. Her supplements should be here tomorrow or so, get her started on those. Maybe we can prevent recurrence. 

Well, I guess it is time to get myself moving. Get in an early walk. Shooting for at least a mile. Running out of new ground to cover tho. Not sure what direction I will head in this morning. It is starting to get boring, and all the concrete is bad on my legs and hips. So far I have managed not to take any pain killers, so all is good.

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