Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cleaned and measured

Yesterday was chore day...laundry, vacuuming, the litter box, etc. So I didn't get out to the rig until late in the day. I spent that time cleaning out all the stuff the previous owner left in it, thinking she was being helpful. But I have all my own stuff, and have had to remove hers. While I was out there I measured and moved some stuff around. I created some additional storage space by removing the tube TV and the VCR.

Much needed storage space. I have ordered a swing arm mount for my flat panel TV and my DVD player is a tiny thing and can go just about anywhere. Also while I was out there I moved one of the bunk mattresses to the dinette area. That leaves the empty bunk for more storage, and I hardly ever use a table, so I won't miss that at all. One of the mattresses was shorter than the other and it fit quite nicely. Although today I pulled out the dinette cushions to lower the mattress a little. I still have my memory foam to put on top.


I also put together the adjustable height bed table that I had been saving for years. It will replace the dinette table. This raises and lowers and is on casters so it can be moved around. I won't be loosing any flat surface, and can be raised to the same height or higher than the kitchen counters and can be used for food prep as well as a computer desk. All I need to do now is rig up a bungee or something to keep it from moving around when Ody is in motion.

I have plans for this broken drawer. It is missing the hardware to put it back to original, so I have come up with an alternate solution. I ordered the hinges this morning. 

These are nice, solid wood drawers with a facing. I will remove the facing and reinstall it on hinges. The drawer will be placed inside on feet to raise it up above the pex line that is there. This leaves access to the pipes and lines under the cabinet without having to completely disassemble the drawer again. My guess is that that is why it is loose to begin with. This will allow more of the space to be used and less wasted.

Since I have the majority of the cleaning done, I think it is time I start hauling my stuff out there. Will start with the dishes and stuff for the kitchen, and the items I have bought specifically for the rig. 

All cleaned up and pretty!

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