Thursday, November 6, 2014


Yesterday was kind of a low key day. I got the two new light fixtures swapped out, put one of them in the bathroom for more light, and the other went in the bunk room. I’m saving the modified fixture for an area that can get by with lower light, maybe the bunk area when I get that cleared out. Got showered and dressed and read for a while.

I finally went in the house, Barbara is feeling better, but still sounds horrible. But she should also be past the contagious stage. Hopefully. She wasn’t up to the Mexico trip, which was fine with me. I am in no hurry. I still don’t know when my scooter will arrive, so will be here until then. I don’t think it has even shipped yet.

Howard needed to go to the lab and have blood drawn and they did walk in tests there too, so I went along for the ride and had my A1C checked. I was surprised, they actually drew blood from my arm instead of the finger prick. But my results were disappointing and worrying. I have gone up to 6.5 - on the cusp of having to go back on the meds. :(  I was also surprised because I have been loosing weight and feel fine other than some intermittent dizziness. When I think back over the last three months, I realized that I have had a lot of meals with friends, most of them not diabetic friendly. A lot of carbs. Time to be more careful. I will have it checked in another three months, and if it hasn’t gone back down, will have to see a doctor. In the meantime, I will watch what I eat and keep exercising. We all went to Denny's after the lab for dinner. I made a bad choice, should have gone for the breakfast for dinner.

UPS hadn’t been here when we got back, but showed up shortly after. My A/B switch for the TV, cables, filters and LED light fixtures came and I swapped out the cables and installed the A/B switch. I also hooked the passive antenna up to the cable side so all I have to do is switch from one antenna/cable connection to the passive antenna with the push of a switch. If I can watch TV without drawing off the engine battery, I will. That is what I had been doing until the new antenna got here and fixed. It makes me nervous, I have already had to jump the engine battery twice since I have had Ody, and I am not ready to replace it. I will if I have to, but will make it last as long as possible. I wish it ran off the house battery instead, and I am not sure why it doesn’t. The passive antenna works here, but only draws in spanish speaking channels. The filters did not help with the interference from the LED light. The new bathroom one is far enough away that it doesn’t bother, but the one in the bunk room does. I may try some aluminum foil around the cable, see if that helps. I am going to have to put the longer cable back on from the switch to the TV because with the shorter one, I can’t close the roll top door behind the TV. I don’t like having that open.

This morning I have some website updates to do for Brighton Snowmobile Club, paying work. I should try to drum up more of that if I can, get a little money coming in. It isn’t my favorite kind of work, but I manage. And I should bill for the work I have already done on the other sites, but will wait until this one is done and bill them all at the same time.

I have been wearing my new glasses. Haven’t touched my old ones since I got the new ones, and will try to keep it that way. I still haven’t adjusted to the progressive part of the lenses, but in the regular part, things are much clearer. I’m hoping to have adjusted by the time I have to drive again. And I am also hoping that it will be some time next week. I can’t stay here indefinitely. Even tho they say they don’t mind. If it were me, I would get tired of someone camping in my driveway.

This is the longest I have stayed anywhere since I hit the road. I have been averaging about a week per location, and Monday, it will have been two weeks. I have spent a lot of money since I have been here too. That has to stop. Although, I haven’t bought much of anything that would be considered frivolous. The ring, but not much of anything else. Everything I have bought has been a necessity. But it all adds up.

Kali Cat has turned into a little pig. She only had one dinner last night, but was bugging me for something this morning after I had already fed her. Not sure if it was more food, or if she wanted to go out. I don’t want to let her out until Peanut has been out and gone back in. Just don’t want to take the chance of them both being out at the same time. I will keep an eye on her this time, but won’t follow her around. I have to trust that she won’t go over the wall. I don’t think she can jump six feet, and I can see the rest of the wall where there are bars she could get thru.

I guess that is about it for this morning. Nothing exciting to write about, no new photos. Nothing on the agenda.  Just waiting for the scooter. 

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