Monday, November 24, 2014

Temporary back-up camera and toad hookup

We got the car hooked up to Ody and everything is working. It is quite the process to get it all ready to tow. I did it myself a couple of times, and will run thru it again before I actually head out tomorrow. I think I am going to create a checklist to keep in the car. The outside part is easy enough, but will need a reminder for the inside part, especially if I don’t hook it up again for four months.

We ended up having to go out twice for parts. The first time we had to go get a new hitch and ball. Mine was too low and we didn’t have the tools to take it apart and flip it over. After about an hour of trying to loosen the nut, I decided it was easier just to get a new one. That was $30, but the height of the hitch with the new one is perfect. Even if we had managed to flip the old one, it would have been too high. Then we got started on the wiring harness. We had to make one because Firefly and Ody have different connectors. One of the ends we bought the other day didn’t have enough wire on it, so we took that back and got the one with the longer wire. It actually worked the first time we tested it. Once we determined that it worked, we reconnected everything with permanent connectors and tested it again. Had to fix one wire, then wrapped the whole thing, and tested it one more time. The whole process took several hours and it was starting to get dark by the time I disconnected and got everything put away. 

Earlier in the day I played with my IP cam, and got that working as a backup camera. I will need to run an extension cord back to the bathroom, and use my inverter, but it should work just fine for this trip, maybe more. I used all stuff that I already had. So now I can see behind me as I am driving.  It is mounted and ready to go.

I did walk yesterday. It was quite windy. Blowing dust, etc., so I only did a mile and a half. I do want to walk again this morning as I won’t tomorrow since it is a travel day.

Today I start prepping for moving out tomorrow. I need to do a load of laundry, take out the garbage and start securing things. Once I disconnect tomorrow, we need to gas up Ody and get the propane filled so I can keep the fridge running. There won’t be any electricity where I am going. Hoping to get an early start so I can hit Q about mid day. That will give me time to find a spot and settle in, maybe look around a little. Depending on how much gas I use driving up, I may have to go out and fill up before settling in after I disconnect Firefly.

Wednesday is Farmers Market day in Quartzsite, so I am not going to do any shopping before I leave, although I should pick up some cat litter. Going to look for a different brand of litter, I am tired of sweeping it up everywhere. It sticks to her paws, and I have to sweep it up several times a day, and have to sweep it off the bed. It is a royal pain in the ass. It is bad enough that I have to clean the box twice a day, let alone having to sweep a half dozen times because I can’t stand it all over the place. I wish there was an out of the way place I could put it like I had in IP. She had her own closet there. Just not enough space here.

Kali Cat’s appointment is at 1:15 today. I’m hoping all goes well. The UTI seems to have cleared up, and I am hoping the mass in her bladder is gone too. She is eating like a horse and lets me know when she is hungry. I have started giving her watered dry food for between meals. She isn’t eating the dry food as is, and does eat it once it has been softened. Her new thing is to get on the footstool while I am on the computer and pulling at it incessantly to get me to feed her. This goes on every morning for a couple of hours until it is breakfast time. or I can’t stand it any more.

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