Sunday, February 1, 2015

Quiet weekend

Not much exciting yesterday. Went to the yard sale, but it was mostly her baskets and some birdhouses. Both of which are out of my price range and I would have no place to store them. I had a cup of coffee with Pam, and walked around the corner to look at a place that was for sale, but it will be out of my price range and is older than what I would like. Here are some of Pam's beautiful baskets and the bird houses at the sale yesterday.

I didn’t do much else. Read a book, cooked my burger for tacos and salads outside on the grill in the frying pan, just generally hung out. I won’t have to cook today, just make a salad. It wasn’t the warmest of days, and the sun was intermittent. Today looks much better. I just looked at the forecast for February, and there is no rain in sight and most of the days will be sunny, starting today. Now I can experiment with the solar and hopefully take down the smaller panels. I did not run the generator yesterday, and am going to try not to today too. I will be running it soon enough when the temps hit the upper 80’s and 90’s for the AC. 

I don’t have anything on the agenda for today. I guess there is no trade blanket this afternoon. So my goal will be to take an afternoon shower. I’m going to put some clear plastic over the solar shower and water bucket, see if that speeds up the water heating, and it will hold the heat in better when there isn’t any sun. You would be surprised how fast it looses it’s heat when the sun goes in.

There was nothing on TV last night so I watched one of the mystery DVD’s that I picked up at a yard sale a little while back. There are 8 in the set, British murder mysteries, Midsomer Murders. I also got a few movies I haven’t seen and may try one of those out this afternoon.

I slept a little better last night. Woke up at some point with the cat laying on my chest. That was unusual. I let her stay and went back to sleep. Slept until about 4:30, which was nice. Lately I have been waking up around 1:30 or 2:30. I try to go back to sleep, but for the most part, unsuccessfully.

No walk yesterday other than to look at that house, and I didn’t have walking shoes on, so it doesn’t count for exercise. I am planning on walking today, but not sure where. Here or find some place different. Maybe I will go walk the neighborhood that I am interested in. Might find some gem that isn’t listed anywhere.

So my current goal is to see how many consecutive days I can go without using my generator. Starting yesterday. I didn't use it Thursday either, but did on Friday, so that won't count. We'll see how well the solar panel does keeping me supplied with lights and TV and keeping the laptop charged up. Cooking will be done either outside or on butane. And as for heat, using the little butane heater for an hour or so in the morning. I get about four hours out of a can of butane. Less than $2. 

Kali Cat gets the last of her meds today. I'm hoping they stick.

This week's photo challenge was three different views of the same object. I used one of the bird houses from the yard sale. This is what I submitted.

I'm not crazy over the ones on the rocks, they are too noisy and detract from the house. I played with the close up, changed it to black and white and tweaked the background, etc., and then submitted this one too. I like this one. 

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