Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lots of little stuff and another trip to the vet

I got quite a bit done yesterday in spite of the feeling of impending doom and the fact that I didn’t feel like doing anything. It is tough dealing with an aging kitty that probably doesn’t have a lot of time left and has very painful episodes. I am fighting a depression. It is that time of year, plus all the kitty stress. She got to go out for the first time yesterday. And while we were out and about, she was showing signs of having another episode. Wandering from spot to spot trying to pee. :( So, I called the vet, he was in surgery all afternoon and told me to bring her in first thing this morning. I put her and all her stuff in the bathroom and she slept the afternoon away. No howling, no panting, just diarrhea. Then she was fine. She is peeing, and acting normal again. In fact, more like herself than she has in a while. I am still going to take her this morning. I don’t think the antibiotics are doing anything for her, but maybe he has some sort of anti inflammatory I can give her.

I lost some time in the shed looking for the solar fountain pump and panel that I know I saw on Sunday. I went thru every bin, twice. I finally found it in my last ditch look. I had taken it out of the bin and put it on the shelf knowing that I would be using it. Go figure. That was very frustrating. Anyway, I used the very different glass bowl that I got at the trade blanket on Sunday and made a little fountain for the yard. It is sitting on a small plastic bucket which is camouflaged by rocks. There was a line of rocks against the far fence that must have been a garden at some point, but there was nothing there. They needed a real purpose. The leftover rocks I used to finish lining the bottom of the front fence to keep Kali Cat from going thru the gaps.

I did borrow the ladder from next door and got the stained glass planter thing with the fairy lights in it hung up, and put my dragonfly string lights on the front of the shed. And I finally got out my spray paint and painted the picture frame for that print I bought a couple of weeks back, and then had to find the print that Lee had re matted for me after Kali Cat peed on it. I sprayed the brass candle holders that have solar lights in them, and they look so much better black than they did brass. I hung the little painting that I bought at the Senior Center craft fair a month or so ago too. Lots of little stuff got done.

Was looking forward to finally being able to watch Castle on TV last night, but I seem to have lost all my channels. I went from 17 channels to 2. I rescanned several times, managed to get up to 7, none of them NBC, then lost those when I scanned again and couldn’t get them back. My antenna must have gotten turned in the wind. Chad and SusAnn are away for a couple of days, so I will just have to be patient until they get back and he can readjust it for me. Hopefully the channels aren’t gone for good.

I really don’t expect to get much done today. I will be loosing a good part of the morning with the vet visit since I won’t be the first one there and will have to wait in line. I also need to find some cat litter in this town since DG didn’t have any last week. Been going thru paper towels and pee pads and need those too. And I need to get to the post office. I’m sure I have at least one package there. By the time I get all of that done, we’ll see if I have any motivation left. Maybe I can at least get Ody’s tanks dumped and flushed.

With Kali Cat being sick, I can’t go anywhere or do anything. She requires constant supervision and care. It has kept me from doing all the fun things that this town offers, and one of the main reasons I decided to settle here. Right now, I feel just like I did when I was living in IP, stuck at home doing nothing. I’m thinking if we can get KC back on an even keel, I can confine her to the bathroom while I am out and start doing stuff again. I really want to make a trip to Yuma, but right now, can’t leave her alone that long. She is getting meds three times a day. That is a pretty short leash. I haven’t done anything in several weeks. I really would like to get out and see some more of the area, get back to the rock club before it closes for the season, maybe take another class or two…instead of just sitting here and waiting for KC to die. I know, that is pretty rough, but that is also basically exactly what is going on.

I really need to get back to walking again too. I want to check out the neighborhood and the surrounding area. Maybe get some photos. We have bunnies and quail right here in the park, lots and lots of beautiful plants and gardens, so much to look at and appreciate, and I haven’t managed to get out and do that. I am finally reaching a point where I am pretty much unpacked and settled in. Yes, there are areas that need organizing and sorting, but there is no rush and I will get to them when it bugs me enough to deal with it. For now, it is out of sight and out of mind. The pressing items is getting Ody cleaned and sold and the tracker cleaned and sold. Will be nice to have that taken care of, and then I can look for my new trailer.

I need to get caught up on the photo challenge. As of today, I am already two weeks behind, this will make three. I really want to get caught up before the next week's challenge. That will take some time as it is all new stuff to me.

And Dave, up the street, came by to check out my non working outlet. Come to find out, it is on a switch. I felt pretty stupid, but I have never lived in a place with switched outlets. At least it was an easy fix. :) 

Well, time to get myself showered and dressed and then figure out how to get KC in the carrier. She hates it. Maybe tuna will work. I usually use chicken, but don’t have any at the moment. Wish me luck. :)


  1. She has a new med and seems to be holding her own at the moment. She goes back again in a week.