Sunday, February 8, 2015

Scooter is moved

Yet another full day. And a long one as well. Got myself going fairly early. I went and got the tracker, switched over some stuff from one car to the other and then got the tracker loaded up with some stuff to take to the new place. Got the rack for the scooter on without any issues and got the scooter on the rack and that is where it all went to crap. Two of my ratchet straps broke. I only had four, one that was borrowed from Howard which was still solid, and another blue one like the two that broke. After fiddling around with that, I went down to see Lee figuring he would have some straps I could borrow. Nope, he didn’t have any. So I looked around and found another guy up the way a little, and just by looking at his truck, you know he was the kind of guy to have some straps. Sure enough, he did. I borrowed two straps and got the scooter secured, but since I am new at it, I wasn’t satisfied with the way it sat, so Lee offered to follow me to make sure there weren’t any problems. Off we went. Scooter made it to the new place just fine and it still works. I took it around the block to make sure. 

Lee and I unloaded all the stuff I had and then I treated him to lunch at the Quail Run Cafe. I had a BLT and sweet potato fries, Lee had a BLT and cream of broccoli soup. Good food, and within walking distance of my new place. Definitely within scooter distance. They also serve breakfast all day. One of my favorite meals to have out.

Off I went to the laundromat to do what little laundry I had in the laundry bag and the new sheets. The place was practically deserted! I guess I have been going at the wrong time. But in a couple of days, it won’t matter. I will have my own washing machine again. Got back to camp around three ish, and relaxed and finished my book. No nap. :( And I really could have used one. 

I put out an open invite on FB for my campfire. For a while I was  by myself, but eventually, my two sets of neighbors came by and Lee came over and hung out too. After Connie and Bob and Jane and Jay left, Lee and I just sat and talked and I fed all the campfire wood to the fire. Wrapped that up about 9:30. 

I did get my solar shower refilled on my way back from doing the laundry. I really wanted to do it while I still had the tracker, but there was a line the first time I went. So I ended up doing it after I had switched back to the new car. But I can get my shower later today after the water has heated.

I don’t have much on the agenda for today. Hanging out most of the day. Trade blanket this afternoon and a shower before dark. I would like to also go to the new place and get the seat covers and steering wheel cover from the tracker and clean out the last of the stuff in that. It will need a thorough cleaning as it has three months of desert dust in it and on it. But that can wait until after I get moved.

I haven’t walked for several days, so I really need to today. My sciatica is twinging. So I need to move a little. Walking seems to help it. I might also do some snoozing if I can. Try to catch up a little. I was up at midnight, but got back to sleep and have been up since 3:30 this morning.

I am hoping to be settled enough by Saturday to be able to do the tailgater. I will be bringing my jewelry this time. Maybe I can make a few bucks and get rid of some inventory at the same time.

Today’s chore is to rake out the fire pit and clean up that area. I may take a few more things to the shed at the new place too. Getting ready for moving day. The whole thing has gone so fast, but now that I am in waiting mode, it feels like it is taking forever.

Here is a pic I took of my fire last night. Someone pointed out that it looks like a horse. I hadn’t really looked at it, but sure enough it does. 

Well, I am going to go in and warm up my fingers. I have been sitting outside with my coffee and computer. I also want to see if I can get another hour or so of sleep since I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything this morning. 

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