Friday, February 20, 2015

Kali Cat is feeling a little better

Had a change in plans yesterday, the carpet cleaner guy called and he had time to do them in the afternoon. So I spent my time prepping for that. I also moved Ody to her parking place without cleaning or dumping tanks. I still need to do that. Maybe today, maybe Monday. We’ll see how much energy I have after I hit a couple of yard sales.

I had planned on going to a yard sale yesterday anyway, so I did. I got a set of Harmon/Kardin surround sound speakers for five bucks. Wasn’t sure if they worked, and didn’t when I first plugged them in, but I checked the fuse, and by reseating it, I got them to work. They sound very nice and will be a great improvement for the new TV, but I need to get an adapter first. Got that ordered and on the way. Those were a really good find. I almost walked away from them. Glad I didn’t. I also got a stained glass plant hanger thing that I cleaned up and put some solar fairly lights in. Now I need to find a place to hang it.

When the carpet cleaner guy left, the house was all torn apart, so I had to put it back together again, including setting up the bed yet again. Didn’t take too long, I don’t have much in the way of furniture. I did move the couch back in front of the windows and used it last night to watch a movie. Was definitely more comfortable than sitting in the kitchen chair.

I picked up the bird house that I liked so much too. For now, it is over on the far fence. The place looks a lot different without Ody blocking everything, but I will bring her back to clean her.

Kali Cat had a better day. Decent amount of clumps in the box. She is pretty lethargic tho. She spent the time the cleaner guy was here plus some drying time in the bathroom. She didn’t complain like she did the night before. She ate a good breakfast this morning, and I gave her a second helping. She gets tuna at lunch time, and more cat food at night, but it isn’t the stuff from the vet, she won’t eat that. The smell of the cleaner doesn’t seem to bother her. I was worried about that.

I hooked up my Apple TV last night so I could watch a DVD on the new TV. Was hoping to use the new speakers too, but I need that adapter to hook them up. Took some trial and error, but I got everything working and watched a movie. Should be easier tonight since I got it all figured out.

Carolyn stopped by to pick up the sold sign in the yard, told her I had the carpets cleaned and she said, once again, that they had been done. I told her about the mess under the bed and she said they didn’t move any furniture. Why would someone pay to have carpets cleaned and not do under the furniture? What a waste. It was nasty under the bed. Mike, the cleaner guy, said they were really dirty. I’m thinking someone paid for a cleaning they didn’t get.

I just tracked a couple of packages, my TV antenna is at the post office. So that is a priority on my list for today. Will be nice to have something to watch other than movies that I have already seen. The bar and the grille for the screen door are there too. So maybe Monday will be a better day to deal with Ody. I could use a break from that anyway. There are a couple of yard sales I would like to go to this morning too. 

I haven’t had much luck finding the few pieces of furniture that I need, so I just ordered what I needed online. Flat pack that will need to be assembled, but they all match. I got a writing table for my computer and a set of end tables and a coffee table. About the only thing I need now is a night stand, and that can wait until one presents itself. I am using the tray table for now.

I have to say, the stress and the worry and the care of Kali Cat in her final days is bringing back all the memories of taking care of Jake in his final days. It is very stressful, and the fact that she is going to be leaving me soon underlies everything. Taking care of her is turning into a full time job just like it did with Jake. And it is hard to deal with. But there isn’t much I can do about  it except to live with it. I hope she goes on her own, peacefully, and that I don’t have to make that final decision.

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