Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Almost there...

I got six hours of sleep last night! Plus an hour and a half nap yesterday. There is hope! I was considering taking some Benadryl to get a night’s sleep, but it messes with my blood pressure, so it is a last resort for me. But maybe I am on a new trend. Lets hope.

The bed and the recliner are both gone. Thankfully. I didn’t like having them out on the patio, so was very happy when the guy showed up with a truck last night. Still haven’t gotten a call back from the carpet cleaner guy. He got such glowing references, I am surprised and disappointed. Wanted to get them done before the new bed got here. It is supposed to be delivered on Monday.

I got everything I wanted to do yesterday done. Got all the storage stuff moved from Ody into the shed, next week I want to get my workshop set up. I also got my “hidden” stuff moved, so all that is left is bits and pieces. The kitchen drawers, the upper cupboards, and personal items in the cab. I want to get all of that cleaned out today, and to actually clean Ody tomorrow and go dump and flush the tanks. Then she will be ready to be moved to her temporary spot until she finds a new home. Then the tracker still needs cleaning too. A couple of days off and then organizing will begin, and furniture shopping. I need my recliner. Something soft and cushy that will stay reclined. I might start getting more sleep if I had the chair to go to when I wake up in the middle of the night. I was really excited to find a recliner here, and then very disappointed when it turned out to be a piece of unusable crap. So basically, the only furniture I kept was the sleep sofa and the kitchen table and chairs. Not crazy over either, but I don’t hate them either. So they will stay for a while. 

The funky smell in the bedroom seems to be gone. I have no idea what it was, but am glad it has finally gone away.

I did get the geraniums and the agave repotted. I also started some cat grass seed for KC. A big bowl of it. No grass here, so will have to grow it for her. I even got my nails cut and filed. I had broken one the other day when I was in the car, and finally got around to dealing with it and cut the rest of them short as well.

Last night I watched my movie sitting in one of the kitchen chairs with a foot stool. It wasn’t the most comfortable seating, but at least I didn’t fall asleep in front of the TV, although I wondered there for a few minutes. Crashed at 9, up once for the bathroom and then woke up around 3:45. That is progress. 

I saw a very bright shooting star while I was out a little earlier. That was pretty kool. I might have a hummingbird nest in the grapefruit tree, if so, I won’t be doing much with the tree except fertilizing it until the nest has fledged. I will watch the next day or so and see if it is a nest.

My new TV should be delivered today, and the new antenna Friday-ish. Chad, out back, said he would install the antenna for me. I will be very happy to have TV again. I have missed several new episodes of the shows I normally watch, and can’t watch them online because of the expense to do that. Maybe I can get them, or at least Castle, on DVD. Love that show. I have slept thru several of them tho, so that isn’t a bad idea.

Well, just about time for me to get moving. Want to get another early start, seems to help, and I will be loosing some time to food shopping and the post office. I don’t much like working past noon or one, that is about when I run out of steam, motivation, whatever, and it is also when it is the warmest. It gets really quiet here in the afternoon. :)

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