Sunday, February 22, 2015

A bad night for Kali Cat

Kali Cat had another episode last night, and it was a bad one. She was in a lot of pain. I don’t think the amoxycillin is doing a thing for her. I decided this morning that I am putting her back on the Cosequin twice a day indefinitely. She is much better this morning and has had two breakfasts. I figured out that she will eat the new food if I don’t water it down. I have been giving her her amoxicillin in some tuna and water, then giving her her breakfast. With her second breakfast, I gave her some Cosequin, and will do the same thing tonight.

Yesterday I got the last of the window treatments down with the help of Chad from out back. He held the thing while I removed the screws. It sat on the patio all day while I figured out what to do with it. I eventually snapped off the ends and removed the cloth and the moulding and will hang the pieces upside down in the shed as shelves. Recycling. :) The living room looks so much better without those ugly things, and you can actually see the sea shell window now without obstruction. I will live without window treatments until I figure out what I want to do. I have the mini blinds, so I am not completely without. I did hang my mexican blanket on the window in the bedroom. I think I will sew a pocket into it and make that the bedroom curtain. I did leave the curtain on the sliding door for now, but saw a nice red one at Salvation Army that I might go back and see if they still have. 

I also did a little cleanup outside. Trimmed the dead branches out of the grapefruit tree, and then cleaned up all the dead leaves and dead weeds in the yard. Later I even swept the patio. By pruning the grapefruit, it left some big gaps in it. I went and got my bird house and stuck it in one of the holes. It looks better in the tree than it did against the fence. I was lucky, found my saws and my pruner. Took a while, but they were just what I needed. I didn’t make it to the dumpsters, and should do that today. Although I will keep one big piece of cardboard so I can do some spray painting. I want to paint the brass candle sticks and the frame for the southwestern print so I can get that hung on the wall.

I finally managed to get my paperwork to Dave up the street, and visited a few minutes with Vicky, one of my neighbors. Then at four, I met nine other widow ladies at the Stagecoach Restaurant for dinner. Seven of them from here in the “resort”, two others local, but different parks. I was the youngest. But it was fun, and I didn’t have to cook dinner. Not something I can do on a regular basis, just isn’t in the budget.

Today I want to finish changing the handles on the cupboard doors. See how far they will go. I think I will only have enough to do the kitchen and bathroom, but I don’t really see the ones in the bedroom anyway. We’ll see. Then I need to make a trip to the dumpsters, and this afternoon is the trade blanket - if Kali Cat maintains her current status. So I need to pull together some stuff for that, Which means I will have to do some work in the shed. The park wide yard sale is this coming Friday, and I need to have the shed sorted by then. I did not do the tailgater on Saturday, too many other things to do, and I wasn’t organized enough to pull it together. 

With Kali Cat having her ups and downs, and meds three times a day, I won’t be getting to Yuma for a recliner or any other kind of shopping. So I just went online and found a Lane Wall Hugger recliner and ordered it. It is the same as I had in VT, so I know it will be a good one. I really liked the big green chairs we had in the living room, but I don’t have the space for one of those here. The new chair is going to be chocolate microfiber, not one of my favorite colors, but will be covered anyway and is a pretty neutral color. Beats that pink thing that was here. It will be nice to have a recliner again and Kali Cat will be able to have her lap time. We have both missed that. Prices have gone down on them too, it is about $150 less than I paid for my little one in VT.

Chad replaced the bottom pole on the antenna last night so it would be more sturdy. I lost a couple of channels tho. I don’t think the antenna is pointed due north. They are taking off for a couple of days, so I won’t mention it until they get back. Of course, the one channel that had anything worth watching on last night was CBS, and it couldn’t hold the signal. I ended up just turning it off. Tonight is Downton Abbey. I get to watch it on the big screen tonight. Haven’t seen it for a couple of weeks. Hopefully I still get that station. 

It is quite windy today. I’m glad Chad changed the pole. I could just picture the antenna getting a good updraft and taking off. 

Well, I guess that is about it for me this morning. A very emotional and conflicting time for me right now. All the new good stuff combined with the bad Kali Cat illness, dealing with taking care of a sick Kali Cat just reminds me of taking care of a sick Jake…Jake’s death anniversary this week, and the fact that he should be here with me.  It is pretty much constant turmoil. No wonder I am not sleeping. I did get a nap yesterday, and will shoot for one today too.


  1. i am sad to hear kali had a bad night. I am a bit sad also because the kitties my kids have been sitting for will be going home tomorrow. charlie keeps sitting on my shoulders which feels kinda good.

    Just know you have people on the other side of your screen thinking about you during this time. it will ease eventually.
    diana, stuck in frigid butt ugly cold iowa

  2. Thank you Diana. I don't know how much longer I will have with Kali Cat, but I will take as much as I can get. She is the last thing I have of Jake's and my life together. It is going to be a major loss when it happens.