Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Exhausted and somewhat discouraged

It has been a pretty rough night. I got about an hour and a half sleep plus about 45 minutes in front of the TV, and the rest of the night was spent trying to sleep. Kali Cat wanted food and wouldn’t leave me alone. I got one dagger right on the end of my nose at one point. I was exhausted all day yesterday and had trouble driving because my eyes knew I was tired. I should have gotten a nap in the afternoon, but the day didn’t play out that way.

I went to Parker first thing in the morning about the engine light on the car. I have also developed a new problem where I can’t get the key out of the ignition. Sigh…just my normal every day transactions. They can’t help me. They don’t work on GM products. WTF? I have had the car three days! There are a few things I can try with the key issue and I can reset the engine light myself, or just live with it. I’m thinking I want to reset it and then if it comes on again, I will deal with it. The car is running fine. As for the key issue, one of the recommendations is to try a different key. This one came with three, one of them must be good. Basically, Parker Motors has my money, and they are done with me. I won’t buy another car from them. Ever.

I went to Walmart while I was in Parker and picked up a few things for the new place. Got a little glass top table for outside, a ceramic pot for my agave that has been traveling with us, potting soil, a couple of plastic clay pots, a toaster/convection oven, dish drainer pad, toilet brush and a few other things. I also got two geraniums, my favorite variety. They only had the two or I would have gotten more. Can’t think of the variety name at the moment, but will at some point. I didn’t think I was ever going to see those again. Had picked out a couple of hot pink ones when I spotted the ones with the red centers. I was a happy camper. Can’t wait to get them potted up and out on the patio.

I looked at patio furniture. They only had one set on display. It was OK. Wasn’t crazy over the table, but did like the chairs. It was more than I wanted to spend. I’m going to start going to some yard sales and see what I can find. I also need a computer desk, or a small table to make into a computer desk, a stool for the workshop and a few other things. Why pay full price if I don’t have to ? There are yard sales and estate sales here all the time.

I got a call from Carolyn yesterday saying the paperwork might be completed today. I hope so. I don’t think Kali Cat and I can spend another night together in this rig. We both need to spread out and I need to get some sleep! The new bedding is all washed and ready to make up the new bed. That will be one of the first things I do. If we can’t move today, I may go sleep in the car tonight. The back seat is certainly large enough, and Kali Cat won’t be out there bugging me every 20 minutes just as I am dropping off. Literally, that is the way last night went. When I load up stuff from outside, I will try to keep the back seat clear. Just in case. I really, really need to get some sleep. Thankfully, the new bedroom has a real door.

I remember when Char Lee was nearing the end of her life, I had a similar issue. I had to close her out of the bedroom just to get some sleep. I hate to do it, it is our snuggle time, but may have to a couple nights a week. Maybe I can get her retrained. I’m also thinking about a bed time snack for her. That might help too. It is an awful long time from her dinner to breakfast. She won’t eat the dry food. Another $20 wasted. Maybe a different dry food. I might have to bite the bullet and buy some Hills c/d. I just looked online and I can’t order it without a prescription. Go figure. It is pretty freakin expensive too. But I think I can buy it here in town at the vets. Hopefully they have the smaller bags just in case she won’t eat it.

I had planned on going to the farmers market today. But since I don’t have to do laundry or get gas for Ody, I am going to hold off until next week. That would just be more stuff I would have to move. 

After I got back from Parker, got a text from Georgia. She invited me over to her camp since she is headed to Yuma today for a week or so. We went to lunch at the Grumpy Gringo again, and then I hung out with her for a while until my eyes told me it was time to go. It was too late to get a nap at that point, so I stayed up. Stir fry for dinner. Fell asleep watching NCIS, and just wasn’t interested in the New Orleans version once I did wake up. So I went to bed. And have been awake since 11:30 last night. 

Well, time to get dressed and start breaking camp. 

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