Monday, February 9, 2015

Wickenburg today

Another rough night for sleeping. Have been up since 2:30. I did try to go back to sleep but was unsuccessful. Kali Cat didn't help with her poking at me with her daggers. I'm not sure what she wanted, I did give in and feed her early, but that only gave me about a half hour reprieve. I did get a good nap yesterday, so I am grateful for that. It could be worse.

I just hung around and enjoyed the sunshine in the morning. Raked out the ashes in the fire pit and discarded anything that shouldn't be there. Took my nap, and off I went to the trade blanket. Stopped at the tracker and got the seat covers and steering wheel cover. The steering wheel cover had been in the sun and was nice and flexible, so I put that on immediately while it was workable. The seat covers still need to be put on. Probably won't be today.

Was a good trade blanket. I ended up with a galvanized ice bucket thingy, a water filter for the kitchen faucet, two little stuffed bears, a candle and a bunch of Leslie's jewelry. Glass beads and sparklies. I like things that sparkle. :)

After the trade was over, I hung out a little while and chatted, but then remembered that I had hot water waiting here for me so I could get a shower. It had been several days, and I was due. Got my hair washed and all cleaned up. Even had to wait for the water to cool down some before I could use it

Georgia is having her rig worked on today so she and I, and her dog Savannah, are going on a road trip. We are going to Wickenburg. Just put a fresh battery in the camera, need to pull together a couple of snacks, and I will be ready to go.

I am having internet issues this morning. What with that, the lack of sleep and the nagging cat, I find I am very short tempered, impatient, and irritable. Hoping that will go away when I get away. Of course, now that I am up, she is sleeping like a baby.

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