Sunday, February 15, 2015

Little progress yesterday

Yesterday wasn’t a productive day as far as moving is concerned. I did get the outside cubby emptied out, and put up the pole I had used for my bird feeder at La Posa so I could get my solar chandelier off the ground. I don’t really have a spot to hang it just yet and it was bugging me on the ground. I also moved the scooter out of the shed and organized just a little. Between the phone calls and the people stopping by to chat, I just lost my motivation. Oh well, it isn’t going anywhere. 

Everyone that stopped by invited me to the potluck at the club house. And since so many people did, I gave in and went. Drove the scooter, could have walked, it is that close, but the scooter hadn’t been out in a while. What a meal! Even for me, avoiding sweets and carbs, I had plenty to eat! A huge roast beef, all sorts of salads, deserts, mac and cheese, and so much more! I even brought home a couple of slices of roast beef and some shreds for Kali Cat. I had a huge chocolate covered strawberry for dessert. For some reason, and I am not complaining much, but I managed to get the fatty pieces both times I got my roast. The first time for my dinner, and again, even worse when I got a couple of slices to bring home. Ugh! I think I pissed the guy off some when I went and asked for one with less fat. But I got a nice little slice I can eat, and will pull apart the other two slices and put the majority of it in the crock pot for KC’s broth. She will like it. 

Now that I have full time electricity, I want to make a beef stew. But I need to get some veggies. That means grocery shopping, and I want to finish moving before I go off and buy a bunch of food. That way I will have the time to deal with the food. I will be going to the farmers market on Wednesday, but don’t have to do the laundry/gasoline thing any more. 

I put my flamingoes out yesterday too, over on the side fence. Got the second load of laundry washed, hung out and dried, folded and brought in both loads before the lunch. Clothes dry fast here!

I got in a much needed two hour nap after the lunch. It felt good. But that pretty much shot the day. I did go and get my cameras and bag and all my DVD’s so I would have something different to watch last night. Had a couple of frozen burritos for a late dinner and watched Burlesque again. Love the music and the dancing. I did snooze through some of it tho, but I have seen it enough times to know what parts I missed.

I posted the bed on FB, but haven’t had any takers yet. My new one should be here next week. I also ordered a TV antenna and a larger TV for the living room. Not sure if I am going to leave the little TV in Ody or put it in the bedroom. Will most likely put it in the bedroom. I am hoping to be able to use the existing coax jacks and wiring with the new TV antenna. I wasn’t going to get a new TV, just use the one that was here because it has the DVD player, but I would need to buy a converter box for it, and it is really too small for me to see from across the room. I figured I might as well get it while I still had a little cash.

I got a few other things done too. Today’s goal is to clear out the bathroom in Ody. That includes all the bathroom stuff and my clothes. I want to get an early start before it gets too warm. Hoping to have that all done before noon, then a shower and off to the trade blanket later. I also need to pull together some stuff for the trade blanket. I’m hoping to drive the scooter over, it isn’t that far. Then tomorrow, I will finish stripping the bed, bring in all my quilts and start on the upper cabinets. That is the rest of my food and some other stuff that has been crammed in there. If I get that done, I will feel like I am making some progress. I have no idea how I got so much stuff in that little rig. I won’t be doing that to the new one, won’t have to since I will have a home to come back to. I will only be carrying what I need for whatever trip I am on.

Kali Cat is acting much more like herself. I gave her a new catnip mouse, and she promptly sat on it. Didn’t play with it, but did acknowledge it. She will not eat the new prescription canned food. Not sure what to do about that. I may try working a little into the other food. For the moment, I am giving her the other food just to make sure she gets her meds.

March 6th is the community yard sale. I want to have all my moving and sorting done by then so I can get rid of some stuff. I have two sets of corelle ware, a vcr, coffee maker, toaster and will have a TV and maybe a bed. I’m sure there will be more by the time I get done. I can also put out my jewelry. And this coming Saturday is the pancake breakfast and tailgater, so I will take my jewelry and stuff there too.

I am planning on taking some pictures of the new place, but want to get settled in and organized first. It feels so good to have what feels like a big place at the moment. Six months in a 26 ft motor home is very restricting. Just using the bathroom is a whole new experience. And a real kitchen, even if it is small. A full size fridge that looks empty because the one in Ody is so small, and I was using a mini fridge for almost two years before that. Luxury. :) It is all perception.

If I get the bathroom project done early enough, I want to pot up the two geraniums and my little agave in their new pots. I bought a nice red ceramic pot for the agave. It traveled in a little green plastic pot. Hit the floor several times during the trip, but has survived. It was the only house plant I kept.

Well, I want to see if I can get another hour of sleep. Probably not, but am going to try anyway. 

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