Monday, February 16, 2015


Got a much earlier start yesterday and got Ody’s bathroom emptied. Got all my clothes put away, the bathroom organized for now…not completely happy with it, but will deal with it later. There is very little storage in the bathroom, unlike everywhere else. My first clothes closet in 25 years! The last one I had was on Bracket Street.

I wrapped all that up around 1, got a semi snooze in the outdoor recliner, and then off I went to the trade blanket. It wasn’t as good this week as I hadn’t had time to pull together some good stuff. But I did ok. Was really tired, and there were a lot of local politics discussed. Big gaps in the actual trading.

When I left there, since I drove the car, I went to the Arco and bought two bags of ice. I haven’t ordered my ice maker yet, and it is warm enough to need ice in my drinks now. The freezer is big enough for several bags. :) I was too tired to drive the scooter, just didn't feel adventurous enough. Although if I stood on my roof, I could probably see the flags a few blocks over.

I got the rest of my solar lights put out last night after letting them absorb sunshine all day. Pulled the ones that didn’t work, and found spots for the ones that did. I did not get anything potted.

Catfish and turnip greens for dinner last night. This morning I dragged out the crock pot and started a broth for KC. Used all of the beef from the other day. I had what was edible Saturday night. She should like that. I put in some cabbage and onions and turnip greens for the veggies. The idea is to cook it all down to mush, remove the fat and serve. Supposed to be good for her, and I can put her meds in it.

I want to get another early start this morning, but need a shower and to wash my hair first. There is an ozone smell, so I am wondering if my water heater is leaking. At first I thought it was coming in from outside, now I’m not so sure. Will have to check that out.

Today’s goal is to get all the cabinets in Ody’s middle emptied. Shouldn’t be too bad, I did a couple loads of canned and dry goods last night. Needed something to go with my fish and since I am out of fresh veggies, had to use canned. I also want to get my quilts in and put away. Then, if I still have energy, I will start working on the storage bunk. That is where most of the stuff is, but that at least is all in containers and should be much easier to move.

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