Monday, February 2, 2015

Two days down without firing up the generator

Quiet day yesterday. Walked, read, got a shower. I covered the water heating area with clear plastic, and the water was perfect for a shower by the end of the day.

Kali Cat is holding her own at the moment. She had a bit of a blood clot in her urine at some point yesterday, but am hoping that is the last of it. She is out of antibiotics. She ate all her breakfast this morning, so I gave her another half serving. She ate most of that too.

I researched making my own cat food, but with all the oddball ingredients, the lack of electricity and the need for a grinder, I opted for the grain free all natural canned food. Hopefully that will help prevent future flare ups. Would be really great if we could get that under control.

Off to look at some new places today. Maybe I will get lucky and find something suitable. It won't be much with my budget. And of course, the less I spend, the longer I have to find a way to generate some income.

Two days so far without the generator. Was a nice sunny day yesterday and I moved the solar panel out away from Ody's side so it could get the sun earlier in the morning. The voltage is a little low this morning, but I think there would be enough to start the generator if I needed to. I also charged the yeti on the big panel yesterday through the inverter. Maybe I can take down the two smaller sets of panels and do it all on one. That would be nice.

It is a bit nippy this morning so I have the butane heater going.

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  1. As a Texan of 25 years, I constantly invest in my power systems at my house. I have a personal obligation, as I see it, to ensure that my home and my family can withstand anything that could happen to the main grid. It's cool that you had a chance to test your homesteading abilities by not utilizing the generator for two days on end!

    Jordon @ Verdegy