Sunday, August 30, 2015

Rocks and baskets

So, I got quite a bit done yesterday. I repainted my cactus rocks. I’m much happier with them. This time I epoxied some paperclips to the bottoms so they will stay standing up in the pea gravel. 

From there, I spent the rest of the day on my current basket. I made some visible progress. The lavender isn’t going to be as bad as I thought. It is a pretty color, but not one of my favorites. Today I will have to work in the rest of the turquoise colored beads. Thinking I will work them in between two rows of the lavender and then finish the basket up with a row in white. 

Keith is back. I saw his truck in his driveway when I walked this morning. Vicki & Cocoa will be back sometime next Sunday. Keith has a couple of gadgets he picked up for me in his travels. A GoPro clone type camera and a FitBit clone bracelet. I will have to cough up the money for those, but I will have a couple new toys to play with after I finish the basket. And maybe I will get to go out to eat and get out of the house and not have to feed myself. I haven’t been out since Vicki left. Considered it a few times, but it just seemed like too much trouble to change into clothes that would be acceptable in public to go and get a takeout meal. 

I did walk this morning. I also stopped in the wash looking for more cactus type rocks, and other paintable rocks. I brought home a handful of each. Oh, and I finally got a picture of my zuni bear rock. It is such a kool rock.

I’m hoping to finish up this basket today. It isn’t one of my favorites, but one more xmas gift will be done. I need to start making some smaller ones as smaller gifts. I also need to get more creative with my designs. And I need some more bases. I guess I will have to try to paint a couple myself. Pam is in NH for a couple of weeks, so I can’t get any from her. 

I am so ready for fall and cooler temps. 111 degrees at 9AM this morning. It was 90 something when I walked this morning. The last couple of mornings I have done my computer time indoors, and it is even warm in here. My electric bill is going to hurt this month. 

Ellen loved her basket, rock painting and pendant. All Halloween related. I will work on my turbine pumpkin when it cools off a little. I still have plenty of time to get it done before the season hits. It will probably end up on the sliding door steps. I don’t use them and that is where all my plants are and where KC’s kennel was. 

I was just looking at over the sink shelves online. I could really use one in the bathroom. But I guess I am going to have to build one, all the ones online are either too big or too expensive. 

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