Sunday, August 9, 2015

More fused glass and marker tie dye

I finally got some more glass fused. Some success, some failure. For some reason, my larger pieces break inside the kiln, the smaller ones don’t. I managed a nice set of lavender pieces for earrings and pendant for an xmas gift , and then a bunch of smaller pieces, some will be pendants, some will be tree ornaments. One, a larger piece that broke, will need to be cut and fired again to reshape it. I tried to do a second earring and pendant set, but it was from the larger glass and it broke in the oven. Oh well. I have several pieces to make into ornaments for the tree. I will try some more when I get Mary’s glass scraps. Oh, and I successfully cut a piece of glass, but had to dig up my own glass cutter because the one that came in the kit is useless. Sorry, no pics yet.

I also tried my hand at permanent marker tie dye. I’m pretty pleased with the results…here it is. I let it bleed thru to the back so I don’t have to do the back. This is after it had been washed and dried. 

   I have another white top that I might do too. We’ll see. It was pretty easy, but it used a lot of alcohol. That whole project cost about five bucks. $2 for the markers, $1.50 for the alcohol, and not sure if I paid  .25 or .50 for the shirt at Sal’s. The shirt had a pink tinge to it, figured it was good enough for this project. I will wear it when it is cool enough to wear something with sleeves. I will probably do the other one too, just not sure what colors yet. Maybe something halloweenish…Orange and black. It was very easy and fun to do. 

In amongst all the firings, I read two books yesterday. Not much on TV last night.

I also experimented with some dried fruit that I have and wasn’t crazy over. Chopped some of it up and mixed it with pineapple and the last of the flavorless watermelon into a fruit salad. It was better that way. 

That is about the extent of my day. Today I will probably deal with the squash and potatoes you see in the picture above. Cook them and freeze them. They won’t last long in the heat here if I don’t. I don’t eat a lot of potatoes anymore, so if I want to be able to use them, I will need to freeze them. 

I need to make the topper for the tree. Haven’t quite figured out how or what yet. Still too hot to work in the shed. I may just set that aside for a while and start another basket. Either the pumpkin one or the owl.  Either way, I will have to get out my dremel drill press and drill some holes. That is always fun. The rock painting class is this week too. I have to look and see if I have enough suitable rocks or if I have to find a couple more.

Well, I guess that is about it for this morning. It is in the lower 80’s and a nice breeze, so it should be good for walking this morning. Then I will figure out what I am going to do. 

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