Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another rock painting and glass pendants

Made it to my class on time yesterday. We used crackle this time. I used my large rock, but I’m not happy with it. It is too cutesy for me. I am probably going to paint over it at some point. This is what I brought home… It just isn’t me. 

I also brought home some cat print fabric. She had some on a cushion that I loved. She looked to see if she had more, but she didn’t. I did get a couple other patterns tho. This is the one I wanted.

I didn’t get the fabric, but did get pictures of it. The next best thing. It has cats AND dragonflies. :) I should be able to use the printout as a template. The other fabric is almost as cute.

I hit DG on my way back, but forgot to go to the post office. It will have to wait until tomorrow now.

I had lunch, read a little until I finished my book, and then decided to make cords for the pendants I epoxied the day before. I’m going to try to sell them for $10 which includes shipping. The blue/green one on the right is already sold. I put a buy it now link on FB.

I’m looking at getting a larger freestanding kiln. There is a used one on FB at a really good price, about half the price of a new one. Then I could do slumping (fusing with molds) and larger pieces. I could also use it for metal clay. Then I would want to learn how to make my own molds. Right now I can’t do anything over two inches, and my larger pieces have all broken.

Ellen is having good luck selling her stuff on eBay. I think I will give it a try. Doesn’t cost anything if I don’t sell anything. My website is useless. I haven’t sold anything in the two years it has been up.

Not sure what I am going to do today. I’m leaning towards the instructables I downloaded the other day. Painting a feather, a leaf and an ocean scene. Technically they are watercolor instructions, but will probably use my acrylics. Save my watercolors for real watercolor painting. It is the same principle. I do have some new rocks, so I might do a couple of those. I’ll figure it out after I get my shower and my morning chores done. I do have a couple of wood basket bases that I could use to paint on.

I don’t have much else to write about this morning. Nothing new, nothing going on. Just me trying to keep busy until it is cool enough to be outside. I will start a new basket in a few days. Maybe if I do one a week, I will have enough by Christmas for gifts. 

A few more weeks of heat.  It feels like an oven when you step outside the door. If the humidity goes above 30%, it is just unbearable. Although we are getting close to cooler temps….low 100’s. Soon. Once it goes below 100, I should be able to get outside for a little bit. I have lost my tan because it is just way too hot to be out when the sun is out. 

Glenn and Diane will be back mid September and he knows where I can park Ody to get her sold. If I get the job at Herb’s Hardware, that will start in October and run thru April or May. If I can get enough money saved, I want to head to Wisconsin, VT, and Maine next summer. Hoping to come up with some sort of inexpensive camper or cheap trailer that I can customize. I don’t need much since it will be short term. Maybe a popup would do. Those can be fairly inexpensive. 

I opened a savings account at the local bank, the only one in town…and have been trying to transfer money to my checking at Passumpsic, but I’m not sure it is going to work. I tried it yesterday and the transaction disappeared, so I tried again this morning We’ll see if that one goes thru. If that doesn’t work, I have wasted my time. I will go get a money order and mail it myself. I need to get Septembers expense money deposited. Oh, and my AMEX card got hacked over the weekend, so I am waiting for a new card. It is one of those cards with the chip in it, and I have it in a foil envelope. I haven’t used it in person since the trip to Sedona, so it has to be a random thing. If it happens again, I will just close the account. But I have had that account a very long time. Since before Jake.

Well, time for a shower and breakfast. Then I want to list a couple of things on eBay and see if I can’t make a couple of bucks. Maybe I can make enough to pay for the kiln…who knows. Stranger things have happened.

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