Friday, August 28, 2015

More electrical woes

Not much to write about this morning. I worked on my basket most of the day. It doesn’t seem like I got a lot done, but I am making progress. No photo this morning. Nevaeh has her room painted in turquoise and lavender, so I am going to try to work those colors in. I did find some turquoise colored flower beads, they are quite large, so I hope they work for the blue. Not sure if I am going to get that far today or not.

I blew off my walk again this morning. It rained for a little bit yesterday, so I figured it was a good chance to change my routine a little. I haven’t had a lot of energy because of the heat, and I am ready for it to start cooling down. Looks like next week it will cool down to the low 100”s. Progress.

I had to take the car out a couple of times yesterday, once for the electrician and once for Jorge, so it is in my driveway instead of under the kool cover on B Street, so I will have to move that this morning. I have to go to the post office anyway as my pine needles and a couple of other things are there. I used the car yesterday instead of the scooter as the scooter is covered and it takes too long to cover and uncover it. I think I will take the cover off it today tho so it will be available when I need it. 

The electrician found several breaks between a pair of meters, so the line has to be replaced. One of Jorge’s guys is going to dig the trench for the new line this morning and once that is done, the electrician will be back to put in the new line. Thankfully the break is after Doreen’s meter, so she has power again. The other seven lots beyond her don’t at the moment. Good thing they are all gone for the summer.

My goal this morning is to get a nice long shower, get my hair washed and do a load of laundry. Then go to the post office and pick up my stuff. Will have to play it by ear after that. I ordered a couple of white sharpie markers to see if I could do better rock cactus. I also want to use a lighter green. I may repaint mine and the other set I already did. Practice.

Mary shipped out my new kiln yesterday, so I am anxiously awaiting that. I hope my electrical service can handle it. It runs on 110, so I don’t have to do any wiring for it. I just tracked it and it is already in PA. It is supposed to be delivered on Thursday. Lets hope it doesn’t end up at the post office or I might never see it.

No eBay sales yet. :(

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  1. Congratulations on the new kiln! The kiln I just purchased runs on 11520 watts, so one 12-hour firing session generally uses up to nearly 86 kilowatts of power altogether, and since my electricity provider charges 11 cents for each kilowatt per hour, a 12-hour firing session costs around (.11 x 86.0 = ) $9.50, which is a price I'm always willing to pay for the sake of art!