Saturday, August 22, 2015

LED bulbs and a new shelf

Not much of a creative day yesterday. I went to the bank to find out about the bill payment, it is a no go. And they wanted five bucks for a cashier’s check, so I took my money to the post office and got two money orders for a little over three dollars. Got them sent off to Passumpsic. That works for now, but if I had known, I wouldn’t have wasted all that time and effort to open an account here. Oh well. Hopefully, when I finally get a job, I can have direct deposit. That will solve that problem. If not, I can deposit the checks online. Hmmm….wonder if I could have done that with the money order…will have to try it with a smaller one and see. That would be much easier. 

I stopped at the hardware store and got a new, larger, spring for my door. The little ones keep breaking. I haven’t installed it yet, might do that today. I also found out what size the base was for the bulbs in the bedroom light fixtures. I looked at replacing the fixtures, but they were way too expensive and there is nothing wrong with the fixtures that are there except the fact they use a smaller base bulb. I then came back and found the bulbs in LED and ordered them from Amazon. That leaves the two big lights in the kitchen (fluorescent tubes) and the light in the entry way. I will need a regular LED for the entry, but am not sure what I am going to do about the kitchen lights. Oh, and the light over the stove. Haven’t researched that one yet. The outside lights I did ages ago. Oh, I did forget the ceiling fan light in the living room. I don’t use that much and it takes about five bulbs, so that will have to wait until I have some money. But I’m getting there. 

By the time I got everything done, it was almost noon and I lost any motivation I had to be creative. So it was lunch and a book. I did get a couple of minutes of inspiration and used another piece of the cat crate to make another shelf for the new coffee mugs in the cupboard. 

This morning I have a rock project that I want to do. I don’t have to walk or go anywhere, so I should get an early enough start. At some point, I want to try my hand at painting a base for a basket. I will need to get some more wood rounds soon. The two that I bought, I got at Walmart.  BTW, I am officially working on xmas gifts now. :) I have the pumpkin boxed up and ready to go, but need to create a care tag for it. I should be able to get that in the mail on Monday.

The kiln that I was thinking of buying hasn’t panned out, but Mary, the friend that sent me the glass, has one she wants to sell that is actually nicer and less money. So I am going to buy hers instead. I ordered a couple of holiday molds while I was ordering my light bulbs yesterday, so I can try slumping. I got the star mold that I had ordered, but I was right, it is too big to fit in my little kiln. So with any luck, I will be making some glass pieces for xmas gifts too. 

I got the pendants listed on eBay yesterday. There are several being watched, but none have sold yet. I want to list a few more things today. I still have one of the oak leaf pins to sell, and a bunch of other stuff. I should put a link to my website on the listings…that might bring a customer or two.

Well, it is only 7 AM and it is already quite warm out here. So I guess it is time I go get a quick shower and then get started on my painting project. Hopefully will have pictures for you tomorrow. 

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