Thursday, August 27, 2015

Started the next basket

Managed to get myself showered and dressed and out of the house yesterday. I kind of reversed my route because the post office and the market don’t open until 9. I hit Sal’s first. I found a green glass candle that I thought I might be able to use the glass in something, but after I got it home and the wax out of it, I discovered it was just painted green. Oh well, will look nice in the window in the sun anyway. I will use it as a vase instead. Also picked up a couple of large buttons I can use as basket bases, some rubber stamps and a couple other little things. Not a lot. 

Went to the market and got a watermelon, some lettuce and some applesauce. I have to use pineapple and applesauce when the produce is crappy. I really do need to get to the big store for groceries soon. The watermelon isn’t as tasteless as the last one, but it isn’t a whole lot better either. I passed on the other fruit, just didn’t look good. And the last plums I got were bad on the inside. I swear the smaller markets get the fruit and veggies the bigger stores don’t want any more. They didn’t even have any almond milk. :( They just aren’t restocking. Half empty cooler.

Finally the post office. Dropped off the package I was sending out and picked up the two that were waiting for me. One was the mica powder for glass fusing, the other was the rest of my glass fusing molds. So now all I need is the kiln, and that is being shipped out today. I am getting that for less than half what it would cost to buy a new one, and I trust Mary. She wouldn’t steer me wrong.

After my errands, I did get a new basket started. I am doing the Owl for Mike’s granddaughter. Found out her room colors last night and will have to figure out how to work in turquoise and lavender. I will have to see what I have for turquoise colored beads. I must have something. I did get rid of all my larger beads before I left tho. It is going to be a vanity tray or wall hanging. I got several rows done yesterday afternoon.

I think I might do the same thing I did last week. Work on glass or rock painting in the morning and the basket in the afternoon.

Thought we might get some rain last night, but other than a light show and some rumbling, it went around us yet again. We really could use some rain. Most of the storms have bypassed us this season.

This morning I blew off my walk. I was having a hard time waking up, so I settled in the chair for another hour or so of sleep. Of course, I missed my walking window. The sun is out and it is way to hot and humid to walk now. This will probably be the day when something malfunctions. Murphy’s Law.

I don’t have much else going on. The electrician is supposed to be back by tomorrow to fix the broken power line on G Street. Glenn and Diane will be back to resume their duties on the 16th, Vicki will be back on the 6th. Keith will be back by the 15th, and between him and Vicki, I will have someone to play with again.

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