Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ants again!

Dealing with ants again this morning. Back to the smaller ones. This time I didn’t bother with the borax, I just used the spray. I will have to get some more. Ugh.

I got the two gigantic sweet potatoes  prepped and cooked. I got eight individual servings out of them and got them bagged and in the freezer. Washed and dried the blueberries and got them into the freezer. Cleaned and cooked the collard greens and saved a few for a stir fry that I had last night. I didn’t actually get to work on the basket until about 1. There were limes in my BB, so I am putting them in my water. Gives it a nice touch. I have eaten two of the eight pears. I don’t like pears, but I paid for them, so I am going to eat them. Trying to get them gone before I move on to the better stuff. I may make a fruit salad to use up the rest of them.

There was a guy on FB looking for tree work so I had him come and trim the grapefruit. It is about half the size it was yesterday morning. They cut out all the suckers and dead stuff and did a first pass towards reshaping it. When it almost died, it ruined the shape. I can’t say that it looks better, but I’m hoping it feels better.



I sacrificed the two fruit that were on the tree in hopes that next year it will actually produce.

I made a stir fry with collards, okra, onion and shrimp. Seasoned with garlic, sea salt and chipotle pepper. It was good. I did much better with eating clean yesterday. It helps to have fresh fruit and veggies in the house. For lunch I had a salad with a boiled egg. The problem with the stir fry is that the house still smells like stir fry this morning. I guess I am going to have to spray, too humid and warm to open the windows.

We did get a few bursts of rain, thunder and lightening. But no measurable rain. Since the weather was messing with the TV signal I popped in a couple of movies. I watched After Earth first, I liked that one and will have to watch it again when I can actually see the TV without the window reflections, and then I watched Immortals. Didn’t like that one so much. Greek mythology, lots of murder and mayhem. I’m not much into mythology.

I need to get a new pair of glasses. I need a pair of bifocals so I can see what I’m working on and see the TV too. I kept switching glasses, even had on two pair at some point, but it isn’t easy and doesn’t work for me. I’m going to try ordering a cheap pair online. They are only for hand work and being able to see the TV so they don’t need to be pretty or expensive. I don’t like my progressive lenses, but they are fine for being out and about. I just don’t use the progressive part.

I’m hoping to finish up this basket today. Then I will take a couple of days off because my fingers are sore.

I’m probably going to go to the dinner this afternoon. It has been changed to Silly Al’s which is right here in town. I will probably just get an appetizer to keep the cost and the calories down. I’m basically down to my cash. I have to get on the stick and get Ody sold. Spoke to one of my neighbors this morning and he says that I should apply for the cashier’s job at Herb’s Hardware. They will be hiring in the fall. I can do that. It would be seasonal. I would have the summer off.

I downloaded three youtube tutorials on different basket stitches. I need to learn a new one, this one is getting old. Plus one on adding beads. I wanted to do that with this one, but didn’t quite know how. By downloading them I can watch them any time without using up my gigs.

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