Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day!

Google header this morning. I liked the picture.

Keith and I went to Blythe CA yesterday. I got a new engine battery for Ody. I only had to pay half price, it was pro rated and I had the old one so I didn’t have to pay the core charge. Then we went to Kmart because Keith wanted to get a pair of earbuds to wear under his helmet when he takes off for his trip on Monday. I picked up some five dollar movies. One had 18 movies on it, one had 20, got two singles and another ten. I ended up getting 50 movies for $32. That should keep me busy for a while. Then we went to lunch at Rosita’s Mexican Restaurant. It was supposed to be  my treat, but he paid while I was in the ladies room. I didn’t plan it. He said “next time”. We both had the taco salad. My only complaint was that there wasn’t any salsa on it. I used the salsa from the free salsa and chips. It did have sour cream and guacamole. Then off to Smart and Final where I finally got rid of the massive collection of plastic bags. All CA grocery stores are supposed to have collection bins. I took advantage of that.

When we got back we put the new battery in Ody. When he went to connect one of the terminals, it sparked which meant something was on. We tracked it down to the automatic step on the house door. It wasn’t closing all the way and was apparently drawing on the battery. We (he) got that lubed and fixed and finished the battery installation. I sat in Ody for a while soaking up the AC and making sure the battery had a good charge on it before I shut her down. It is nice to know what the problem is. I can prevent that in the future. Having a brand new battery won’t hurt when trying to sell her. I haven’t heard from the people that looked at her, but I figured I wouldn’t over the weekend anyway. They would need to go to the bank and MVD, so if they are interested, I probably won’t hear anything until Tuesday. But it is first come first serve.

I had started a book while waiting to go to Blythe yesterday, so I settled in with that in the afternoon and took a 2 hour nap, late in the day, before I had to get ready for the fireworks. Went over to Keith’s and sat in his yard with him and Larry, his next door neighbor, and enjoyed the show. I drove the scooter over. The head lamp did a pretty good job of lighting things up. On my way back I saw several bunnies, a huge toad hopping down the road, and the tiniest baby bunny I have ever seen. It wasn’t much bigger than the toad, and when it hopped, it looked like one of those wind up spring toys. It was just so cute! I wanted to grab it and bring it home. The fireworks were nice. Comparable to IP’s fireworks which everyone says is a good show.

I was up fairly late finishing my book, and was up a couple times during the night, so today will probably be a nap day too. Other than the pot luck at 2, I don’t have anything scheduled for the day. I might vacuum and dust. I really don’t like the carpet, even if it isn’t dirty, it gets matted down from walking on it, so it has to be vacuumed to make it look better. I should really get that quote for laminate flooring so I can have something to shoot for. In the meantime I think I will get a couple of throw rugs. I have added several to my Walmart wish list. Will have to narrow it down and see if I can afford it. 

Well, I guess that about does it for me this morning. My scooter has been getting some use with all the running around I have been doing. So glad I drove it over to put Ody’s battery in yesterday because I had to come back and get keys. Was too hot to walk that more than once. Thankfully we didn't have sunshine, it was just way too humid to add more degrees to the 106 that we had.

I asked Keith last night how many showers he took yesterday. He said five. I thought that was a little excessive, my skin wouldn't be able to handle that, but I did consider a second one at the end of the day. A rub down with a wet wash cloth seemed to do the trick tho.


  1. Yeah, but guys showers are different. They can 2 minute showers somehow.

    1. True. I can't do that, I need at least ten minutes. :)