Monday, June 8, 2015

Gonna be a hot one!

This is going to be a quickie because I have already put in a half days worth of activity and it is already hot. They are predicting 106 today, but it is usually warmer than they predict. Might hit 110 or more. I want to get everything done and back inside before it gets that warm.

I went and reprogrammed all the timers on C thru G streets this morning, two timers per street, then did the magnolias on A street, showered and made it to Monday morning coffee across the street by 7 AM. Now I need to go to the post office and DG, maybe Salvation Army too. 

I got plenty of exercise at Pam’s yesterday watering. She has an acre of land and I also watered the far citrus trees and that was a lot of walking back and forth, in the sun, in the heat. I’m getting a pretty good tan. Thankfully I haven’t been out in the sun long enough to burn.

My garbanzo beans weren’t quite done. Not sure why. It was at 225 most of the day. That is above the 212 boiling point. I had to finish them up in the microwave last night. Need to do some more tweaking I guess and maybe the smaller pot will help. Those should be here later this week and I will try again.

Silly Al’s for pizza last night. Good pizza, good company. Was nice.

Pam and Ralph are back so I don’t have to go water this morning. Yay. :)

Well, I’m gonna get myself moving so I can get out and back before it gets too hot.

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