Sunday, June 14, 2015

Places to go...

Good morning.
Yesterday was another hot day. I spent from mid morning, pretty much until this morning, indoors. I spent the day watching Castle episodes on DVD and working on my basket. Am making progress on both the basket and the Castle seasons. Into season four now.

Will be interesting to see what the finished product is.

Took the scooter out after I got the shade cloth up for the car. Went around the block outside of the park and rode the park a couple of times. I was trying to run the battery down so I could recharge it. I like having it ready to go when I want to use it. I have only charged it one other time since I have been here. I also got some sun. Good thing I came in when I did or I could have been sunburned. I found the half of towel that I want to use as a seat cover for the scooter and used it yesterday. It needs some cutting and stitching, but worked well to keep me from getting burned. I notice one of the mirrors is cracking from the heat, so I need to fix that and cover them up when they aren’t being used. I have a couple little draw string bags that the sheets for the couch and chair came in, so I will use those for the mirrors. Just need to get the labels off and get them washed.

This is where I have my car parked for now. I will have to move it and the shade cloth when the renters come back.

Visited with Keith for a little while and we have decided to take a road trip on Tuesday. Not sure where we are going yet, but I am already getting cabin fever. Will be nice to get out for a day and see something new. I would like to see a ghost town, but we can wander too far because it is just a day trip. I think we are finally getting this boy/girl friendship thing worked out. Feeling a lot more comfortable around him. In fact, the road trip was my idea. I need to take some more pictures. It has been a while. Looking for suggestions for places to go within a couple hours drive. I looked at Hoover Dam, Hubble Trading Post, Jerome, all a little too far for a day trip. There must be something or some place to visit that Jake and I didn't visit when we were here in 2000.

I finally dug up the desert sage baby that the woman on B Street said I could have. It is in a pot for now until I decide where it is going to go. It will need water, so I have to take that into consideration when I place it. Hers is huge, so that is a consideration as well. I lost one of my desert willow babies, but it looks like a new one has germinated. The two older ones seem to be doing well. But I think it is the wrong time of year to be starting seeds here. My annuals have stopped growing and my tomato plants are still putting out blossoms, but no tomatoes. Too hot. Will try again in the fall. 

I figured out how to create a new play list on my ipod this morning so now I won’t have to pull the pod out and fast forward to the next song when something starts that isn’t good for walking. The trees on C thru G streets are looking better already now that they are getting a second round of water during the week. I still don’t know if Jorge came and looked at the line on the north oleanders. I guess I will find out on their next watering day. I am supposed to be getting a key for the parts shed. I should also get a key to the back gate if I am going to be doing this again.

I guess today is going to be another day like yesterday. More Castle and basket work. I do need to vacuum and clean a few things first. The dust here is pretty bad, so I try not to look at it. My car is coated in it. 

I think we are reaching the point where I am going to have to take my rings off. They are getting tight in the heat and are starting to bother me. I need to make a couple of adjustable ones so I won’t feel nekkid.

This is what I ended up doing with the brass candle holders I got at Sal’s last week…Used the auto on battery operated candles. Nice ambient light at night. And the LED night light does a good job of lighting my steps. That has a light sensor and is only on at night.

I slept pretty well last night. I did take my Simply Sleep, three of them, and was up twice. But I pretty much slept from 10 until 5 this morning. Actually, later than I wanted, I am trying to walk at 5. So I immediately threw on my clothes, had a half a cup of coffee and was off walking shortly before 5:30. I almost beat the sun. It was already in the mid 80’s.

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