Sunday, June 28, 2015

Had to jump start Ody

Since I didn’t walk yesterday and didn’t have much on my agenda for the day I took some time and did a pedicure. I bought one of those battery operated ped egg things this last week to try and control the dry and cracking skin on my feet. I had used it once, so I went back and touched it up. I think I will have to do it a couple times a week to stay ahead of the dry skin, but if I can prevent the painful cracking it will be worth the time and effort. I think I managed to get showered and dressed around 11. I cut the watermelon so I could throw the rinds in the dumpster. The bunnies won’t eat them, and they are too big to bury under the tree. Took my garbage to the dumpster and collected the recyclables and brought them to the larger bin at the end of my street. Then figured since I was out and about, it was as good a time as any to start Ody and run her generator. The generator started right up, but the engine battery was dead. I came back and got my jumper, but it must have lost it’s charge in the shed. Didn’t have enough juice to start her. I ended up texting Keith and he came over with his truck and we jump started her. I took her out for a drive around the big block and around the park then we tested the battery and supposedly it is good. I will have to start her once a week I guess to keep her charged up. I hadn’t started her since I moved her over to C Street.

I got a late lunch and did some reading. By the time I finished the book, it was time to fix dinner. I finally got my garlic shrimp and turnip green stir fry. Was good. But the house still smells like garlic and shrimp. I hate not being able to open windows. I also got new polish on my nails, without the base coat. They looked good until I came outside. I guess it is the heat that is making them bubble not the base coat. I will either have to live with it or do them again. I think I am just going to live with it. Might put a top coat on them later so they look half ways decent for tomorrow.

Today I need to figure out and iron what I am going to wear to the interview tomorrow and print up a copy of my resume. I will probably do a small load of laundry. Can’t get more than one wear out of anything when it is hot like this. I have more clothes, but I also have my favorites that I like to wear more often.

This morning I tried a piece of sugar free watermelon gum for my walk. One of the things that makes walking unpleasant is the fact that my mouth and throat dry out within a few minutes. I hate carrying anything when I walk, including a water bottle. It worked. My mouth and throat didn’t dry out and I didn’t need my water until I got back. Was nice not carrying a water bottle. Now I am wondering if it will work for my evening TV munchie cravings. I will try it tonight. It would be nice to be able to reduce some of my daily calorie intake. Even with all the walking, I’m not loosing any weight. I’m still better than I was this time last year, but it isn’t good enough. I do want to check out the ingredients tho. Well, it has aspartame in it, I won’t be buying more. Will have to see what the alternatives are. Research time.

I have had to start refrigerating my drinking water because the water from the tap filter melts my ice. It gets a little warmer each day. Not sure what I am going to do when it is too hot to take a shower with no cold water to temper it. My hot water heater has been off for weeks now.

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