Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Chair covers

Well I did it. Got the sewing machine out and made the chair covers. Took a good part of the day, and I worked up a pretty good sweat (the AC is set at 80), but it is done and they look good if I do say so myself. I am by no means good at sewing, but I do well enough to get by. I did both recliners, the foot part being the most difficult, ended up using a draw string on those, and the two small chair pads. Those were the easiest. I got that all cleaned up and put away and read the rest of the book that I had started earlier. Once I finished the book I decided to go ahead and do the foot stool. The only thing I needed for that is my electric staple gun, padding, material and scissors. I’m pretty pleased with the way that came out too. Plus I put some material on the two foot pieces of the big recliner because they aren’t covered when it is reclined. I may at some point see about stapling material to the rest of it instead of making a slip cover. It has wings, and when it reclines, the arms and the back separate. But then again…I might be able to pull it off. We’ll see how ambitious I get some day.

Here they are…the foot stool padding, what little it had, had degraded so there was no cushion to it. I used fiber fill so it should last a good long time now.

I had a tough time getting to sleep last night which is unusual for me. Usually I drop right off. It is staying asleep that is normally my problem. I had some really weird dreams too. Not nice ones. Thankfully I finally dropped off and woke up about twenty after four this morning. Went out for my walk at 5 and took the head that I needed to replace with me. Got that replaced, visited with Keith for a few minutes, and then headed back to replace the valve on the timer on the north oleanders. I was prepared for it to be a real pain in the ass, but it went easily and smoothly. It seemed to fix the problem. They are actually getting water now. :) I’m keeping a log of parts and labor to submit at the end of the season. The valve was a warranty replacement so it didn’t cost anything but my labor, but the head came out of my pocket. It was a whole dollar plus tax. Huh, I have been here eight months and I finally looked to see what the sales tax rate is in AZ. It is 5.6%.

Not sure what I am doing today. Thinking about going to the library and checking that out. They have free wifi so I can get my electronics updated. I should go to the market too since I am out of everything fresh fruit and veggie-wise. The Roadrunner market is closed for the season, so it will have to be The General Store. It is just like it was in IP, one store had good meat and the other had better produce, now I am down to just the store that has good meat. Unless I drive to Blythe which is a half hour or so away.

Watched some more of Castle season six last night. I don’t have a lot left. I might see what the library has to offer so I can watch something different. I guess it is time to get a library card. Wonder if I need proof of residency…I should probably bring something with me just in case.

I also have a load of laundry to do. Actually two, I am now doing all my towels in a separate load due to the lint issue. I have the two red beach towels I removed from the recliners yesterday, plus the clothes I have been wearing and the two pieces I got at Sal’s the other day. But I can do those anytime. I could clean the bathroom walls. But I am not sure I am that ambitious. It does need to be done tho.

Never heard back from the guy in Surprise or the guy in MT about Ody. :( Would be really nice to get her sold so I can breath a little easier about funds. I’m cutting it pretty close to the wire once again. Once I get a little money coming in I want to replace all the tires on the car. They are four years old and have been in the AZ sun and I don’t trust them. They look fine, but that doesn’t mean they are. I don’t dare wander too far on them.

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