Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mist and cactus blossoms

Yesterday was pretty quiet. I did a load of laundry, puttered around and I was thinking about starting a new basket, but ended up reading. I lost a good part of the morning to something, but I can’t remember what. Oh yeah, a nap. I had a really nice nap for a couple of hours before lunch. Plus I cleaned the bucket under the fountain because it was having trouble. Lots of algae in the bucket clogging the little pump. All the birds use that one, including the hummingbirds, so it needed to be done.

When we were in Sedona on Tuesday some of the outdoor restaurants had misting systems to cool down the table areas. It worked pretty well. So yesterday I rigged up my hose because the nozzle had a mist option. It did bring the temp in the immediate area down, but the mist isn’t fine enough and everything got wet. So I went online to see what was available and how expensive it was, and it isn’t expensive at all. I ordered the ten foot original kit, a calcium filter and a ten foot extension and it was about $50 for everything. I have a hose I can use, and just need to get a shut off valve that I can get at any store here. Easy installation, uses no electricity, it has hooks so I can just hook it to the brace on the edge of the patio roof. Shouldn’t take more than an half hour to set up. Then I can be outside when it is over 100 degrees. I’m already getting cabin fever and there is still almost three months to go before the temps stay below 100. So far, I am managing OK. I am out in the early morning, and have been doing my morning computer time outside as well. I put my zero gravity chair in the back corner by the shed which is the only place there is shade in the morning, until the sun moves around. That is also where my little glass table is which means I have two sitting areas on the patio. I’m looking forward to the misting system. Next summer, if I can afford it, I will add a couple of ceiling fans to the patio and set them up on solar power.

Got a call from a guy in Montana about Ody yesterday. He is trying to sell his travelite trailer and if he does, he is very interested in Ody. I should have asked him about his trailer, might have been something I would be interested in. I have his number and could call him back. 

Since it was a small load of laundry, I hung everything except the chair cover inside on the drying rack. Set it up in the bedroom on the far side of the bed. That is about the only place it is out of the way. That worked pretty well. So I guess I will wait on the dryer for a while. I might rig up a line on the patio somewhere, to be out of the sun.

I put the metal road runner in the fountain “garden”. For now until I find a better place for it. The magnetic dragonfly is on the fridge and the door knocker hasn’t been installed yet. The green on the knocker matches the trim on the house.

The cactus that I rescued from a neighbors yard that had broken off and was lying on the ground blossomed last night. Not only did it blossom, but it straightened itself. It had quite a curve to it when iI stuck it in the ground. It has two beautiful white blossoms. They will be dead by the end of the day. They only last one day and bloom at night.

I want to make myself a pair of copper hoop earrings. I saw some online the other day and they look easy enough. Shouldn’t take too long. I should do them early in the morning before I take my shower because it is really hot in the shed no matter the time of day. I have fans in there, but all they do is move the hot air, don’t do anything in the way of cooling. So far, I think I am adapting fairly well to the change in climate. 

This afternoon I am going over to Pam’s and learn how to preserve my baskets. You coat them in melted beeswax and then put them in the oven for a while at a really low temp. I’m thinking I can rig up something with the sunshine here to do the same thing without using my oven. Maybe a shade cloth box of some sort. Keep the electric bill down and keep the added heat out of the house.

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