Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Road trip

Was a good day yesterday. We covered a lot of miles, saw some awesome scenery, did a little walking around, ate, did some more sight seeing and I bought myself some sugar free chocolate and a metal roadrunner, a magnetic dragonfly and a dragonfly door knocker in Cottonwood. The only thing I bought in Sedona was a pressed penny, which is illegible, their machine needs to be serviced, and I got four more at Montezuma’s Castle, one of which is very hard to see. Keith loves to drive (he was a tour bus driver in his former life) and I love to ride. Works out quite well.

This is what I brought home with me yesterday. I’m going to put the door knocker on the door. I don’t have a bell, so this will work nicely. Haven’t figured out where the roadrunner is going yet. 

I took a lot of pictures, but can’t process them until I make some room on my hard drive. I have a years worth of photos taking up a lot of space and need to move them and burn them to DVD. I need to get some DVD’s so I can do that. I did upload a few to FB while we were out and about. I took these with my phone.

The areas with the red rock is Sedona. The truck that lost it’s load of bees was in Congress, our first pit stop. The pull off was on the way to Jerome. It is the same pull off that Mike, Jake and I stopped at back in 2000.

We left at 7:30 in the morning and arrived home at 9PM. Was a long day, but thoroughly enjoyable. Keith is a good driver. I only got nervous on the switchbacks between Prescott and Jerome. It is pretty hairy and a long drop if you steer wrong. I think Mike was driving the last time.

I slept pretty well last night. Woke up at 4. I don’t remember if I got up to use the bathroom, but my guess is yes, and when I woke up I was covered with my flannel sheet and I don’t remember doing that. We did do some walking yesterday, but I don’t know if it equalled my morning walk. It probably did, and since it was in the mountains, I got some grade walking in too. It was hot. Sedona was 100 degrees, Cottonwood was 98 degrees. I had expected it to be a bit cooler in the mountains. Sedona was very busy. It has grown a lot in the last 15 years. Cottonwood was my request since I had considered moving there when I first hatched my escape plan. I wanted to see the town and see what I missed. It’s nice, but for now, I like Q better.

I have already walked this morning. Put a few things away from yesterday, and still need to shower and dress. I may start a new basket today. And I will probably nap too. I’m still tired after being up a couple of hours. I’m also hungry and need my breakfast.

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