Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Day to day life

Today is my “day off”, no watering route this morning so I am not walking. Missed the window of opportunity anyway. The sun is up and the temps are on their way up. Supposed to be about 10 degrees cooler today and tomorrow only in the upper 90’s. Yesterday topped out at 108.

I rode to the post office with Vicki, and while we were there, I got a call from Pam inviting me to dinner. I’m watering for them Saturday and Sunday and needed instructions. Was a good dinner, and I brought home quite a bit of produce that she gave me because they will be gone for a week and the stuff wouldn’t last. Good timing. Going to Blythe today with Vicki and we will hit the Smart and Final for some groceries before we head back. I won’t have to buy as much now.

Another successful night with Simply Sleep. Another week of this and I hope to have my body retrained to sleep at night. Again, not cool enough to open windows.

Other than that, not much to write about this morning. I read for quite a while, two books. Obviously they weren’t long books. Shopping today. 
Nothing new on the job, I check the listing every day. I will get that application in as soon as it posts. I was originally thinking I didn’t want a job in the heat of the summer, but now I am thinking a job would help me make it through. Give me something to do when it is too hot to be outside.

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