Tuesday, June 9, 2015

112 degrees

We hit 112 degrees yesterday. Thankfully some clouds came in and it dropped to 106. When I was up in the wee hours this morning, it was still 94 degrees. Thankfully I have AC. And it is only going to get worse. This morning it is about 86 degrees, cloudy and humid. Quite uncomfortable outside, but that is where I am before I shut myself inside for the day. I think I will work on my basket today. This is a preview to monsoon season.

Yesterday I went to the post office, Roadrunner Market for bunny carrots, DG and Sal’s. I bought a clothes drying rack at DG so I can hang some stuff indoors. Thinking about trying to rig up a line in the shower for drippy things. Haven’t quite figured out how I am going to do that yet without putting a bunch of holes in the wall. I want to do as little damage as I can. At Sal’s I got a couple of wall hung metal candle holders. I am going to paint them black to go with everything else and hopefully find some place to hang them with my battery operated automatic candles. I also got a pair of dressy sandals to wear if I get an interview, plus a skirt, and a 1 gallon pitcher to make my sun tea in. The jug I have been using works just fine, but transferring it to the gallon jug for the fridge is a pain in the ass and I can’t pour it without spilling it. This way I won’t have to transfer anything and loose a bunch of tea.

Around 2:30 or 3ish I got a text from Vicki. She wanted to go to the Stagecoach for dinner. I had just put my jammies on, couldn’t stand it any longer. So I got re dressed and we went for an early dinner. I had the fish. It was quite good. So I have been out to eat three days in a row. We had a good turnout for the 7AM coffee. Thirteen people and one dog. I managed to get myself showered and over there on time. 

My material for making the cushion covers for my outside chairs came yesterday. Not sure when I will get to it, but should have plenty of time this summer. I also got the little cart to put the ice maker on at the end of the counter in the kitchen and got that put together and set up. I don’t really like the ice maker there, but it is better than the kitchen table and is only for the heat of the summer anyway. I will put it back outside when it stops going over 100 degrees or so. It can’t keep up at those temps, and I need my ice. And my hospital water mugs that I got on eBay were there too. They are double wall insulated and hold 32 ounces. I drank four of them yesterday. So I guess I am getting my water quota for the day. Now I only have to refill half as often, and it has a handle so I can carry it around. 

I finally heard from the Amazon seller where I ordered the shade cloth. It made it back to them. I considered canceling the order since I already reordered thru eBay, but decided there is no such thing as too much shade cloth here in AZ, so I had them resend it. It works out to be a dollar a foot including shipping, and it runs $2.79 a foot at the hardware store. A sizable savings. 

Last night I got sick of my TV cutting out on me so I put a new cable on the booster to the TV and moved it from 1st TV to 2nd TV. It helped. CBS is still a little funky, but the rest of the channels hold now. Or did last night. I’m going to have to play with it some more at some point. It is very frustrating to try and watch something and have it keep cutting out. If I get a job I will consider getting Direct TV or something. Maybe some real internet too. But what I have is good for now.

The rest of the day I read a book. That pretty much wraps up my Monday. This morning I was up in the wee hours, but did manage some more sleep in the living room chair. It is my day off so I didn’t walk, and slept in. Keith wanted to go target shooting at 5:15 and I declined. I wanted to be able to sleep in. Good thing, the weather isn’t good for it anyway. Maybe some other morning, or later in the year when it cools off. I guess there is a range near here. I need to learn how to use my little 22.

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