Sunday, June 7, 2015

Laundry solutions

I went to Pam’s to water her gardens yesterday and discovered that her baby citrus trees were very thirsty. I figured out how to get most of them watered, but there are still a few that didn’t get any. I think that took me about two hours. I didn’t do a whole lot between that and dinner at the cafe at 4:30 yesterday. Read, did laundry…not much else, so there isn’t much to write about. I did go over to C street to see Lorna and Bob about the palm trees they asked me to water while they are gone for the summer, and a spin around the park on the scooter and the trash to the dumpster.

Today I am going to attempt to cook some chick peas in the solar cooker. I want to make hummus. I have a bunch of sprouts and they are always good with hummus. This time I won’t be using the vinyl shower curtain. It actually melted in places the other day. One of my neighbors across the street brought me over a piece of glass to use on the top and I will be using that. Plus, I am going to use my cast iron dutch oven. It is black and will hold and collect the heat better. I just ordered a 1 qt and a 2 qt Lodge dutch oven on eBay. Mine is a 5 qt and way too big, but will work for today. I lined the pot with a crock pot liner so I won’t have a lot of clean up to do.

Today I have to go back to Pam’s and water, not much else going on. Pam and Ralph will be back tomorrow and she got her resin, so she is going to set my two dragonflies for me. :) Not sure what I am going to do with them once they are set, but at least I will be able to look at them instead of having to keep them in a box to keep them safe.

I didn’t shower yet this morning. I took a quickie before we went to dinner last night, and will do the same this afternoon. I basically got up, threw on some clothes and went out for my walk at 5:30. It was one of those nights where I ended up in the chair for the last hour or so. Some of the trees on C thru G streets aren’t looking happy. They are only getting about a half hour a week as every where else is getting 2 hrs a week. I’m going to have to talk to Glenn about that. I just figured out that is where all the leaves on my patio that I have to keep sweeping up are coming from.

When I did my laundry yesterday I separated it into two loads. Normally I would do it all in one, but with the lint problem, I took Mike’s suggestion and did two smaller loads instead. It worked. So I guess I have to relearn how to do laundry, and it will also take longer and more effort, but I guess it beat doing it by hand like I did in New Mexico. I still think I am going to get another one of those little dryers like I had on Alder Street. I just won’t use it for everything like I did there. Just the stuff I want de linted and my underwear. I hate having to hang my underwear out where everyone can see it. But I need to make some money first.

Well, I need to get over to Pam's and get her stuff watered before it gets hot.

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