Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer is here

It is 100 degrees at 7:55 AM. Gonna be another hot one. The night didn’t cool down enough for me to open the windows and turn on the fans. In spite of that, I slept. Almost 7 hours with only one bathroom break. I ended up taking three Simply Sleep tablets. I tried two a week or so ago without any results so last night I thought I would up it a little. I will do the same tonight. I have to get myself back into the habit of sleeping.

I did’t do much yesterday. We hit 108 degrees around 2 or 2:30. That seems to be when it is the hottest. Will be interesting to see what today is.

I read two books. Didn’t work on my basket, but hope to today. I also put together some business cards for a friend, got them approved by her, and ordered. That took up some time. 

Yet another neighbor has asked that I water their trees while they are gone this summer. I think I should start charging and treat it like a job.

Not much else to write about. Going with Vicki to Blythe on Tuesday. She’s getting her hair done and then we will pick up some groceries. I will be completely out of fresh stuff by then. Still working on the watermelon and strawberries I picked up the last time. I need to cut up the rest of the watermelon today. The strawberries are in the freezer. Hoping I get another good deal on the strawberries like I did the last time. I got two big boxes for $8.

Tuna and salad for lunch yesterday. This is the first time in many, many years that I have opened a can of tuna and not had a cat at my feet waiting for the juice. Felt kind of strange. It will be salads again today. I had the leftover hamburger soup for dinner. I did quite well with my eating yesterday.

I gave up and brought the ice maker in this morning. It is too big to fit under the cabinet on the counter so it is sitting on the dining are table. I really didn’t want to bring it in, but I need ice, and it was too warm to turn it on for the night last night. 

Here are some pictures I uploaded yesterday.  There are a couple with the lizard in the fountain. :)

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