Friday, May 22, 2015

Ody has a new summer home

Got my walk already, done my daily news reading and have sent out some necessary emails. Now I can settle for a few minutes. I still need a shower and clean clothes tho. Wanted to get the walk in before it warmed up too much.

I did end up going with Vicki to Parker yesterday. She came down and begged. I bought some fruit and veggies, found some nice red cotton duck to cover the footstool cushion with and bought some red thread so that I will have it when I am ready to start the chair slipcover. The last stuff I sewed I had to use white thread and it isn’t very pretty. Red material and thick white thread.

After we got back, I had a light lunch, salads, and then settled in for a nap. My lack of sleep is catching up to me. I fell asleep at 12:30 ish and didn’t wake up until almost 4. And since there was nothing on TV last night, I went to bed around 8, it wasn’t even dark yet, and slept until 12:30. Was up until 3:30 and then slept until almost 6AM. I said I needed it. I want to try and get more sleep this weekend. Then maybe I can get my sleep schedule back on track. I still feel like I could sleep if I settled somewhere for a few minutes.

I got a call from Arizona Western College yesterday. I guess they implemented a new hiring system and haven't filled the job and it is going to be reposted. I will need to resubmit the application, this time online, and hopefully it will work out. I was quite pleased to hear from her.

The neighbors across the street came over and told me that one of the residents had offered to let me use their large kool cover to store Ody for the summer. I got her moved before my nap. She is now under cover and only gets a little bit of sun on her nose during the day and is under cover when the monsoons arrive. One less thing to worry about. She had been sitting in the full sun all day. That isn’t good for her.

Keith survived his jump. He said he loved it and that he screamed like a banshee. Better him than me. I think I am going to ask him to help chase down the leak in the fresh water tank. Maybe I can get that fixed and then finally do the floors.

Before Vicki came and asked me to go with her, I moved the solar panel for the fountain and buried the cable. I was tired of seeing it on the branch and the cable just hanging there. I it is now at the base of the shade sail and away from my little garden. I also raked the rock away from the patio and put the 5 gallons of gravel up against the end of the patio and filled that in. Then raked the pea gravel back and put a couple of paving blocks in as steps to that end of the patio. 

This morning I want to move the scrap lumber for the chiminea out of the garden cart. I really could have used the cart when I did the fountain, but it was full of wood. Ended up using a small tarp and dragging it along the ground. I think I am going to stack it over by the fence and cover it with the small tarp. That way it will be handy and not that visible.

And then I might sleep again. I really feel like I could. The only other thing I need to do is go to the post office before 4 and get a shower at some point. 

We have been having beautiful weather, upper 70’s and 80’s with a nice breeze. The last two mornings that I walked it was nice and cool. Perfect for walking. I still have my windows open today. Usually the house is all closed up by now.

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