Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Filling out an application is stressful

Cranky this morning. I just lost two hours trying to access my resume and filling out a job application for the Arizona Western College here in Q. My resume was on my external drive which I didn’t have access to because the unit that made it wireless has died. I had to figure out how to access the drive without it. Finally got it, had to update it, and finally got the application filled out. Then submitted it to the person it said to submit it to, and she got pissy because it was her personal FB page. So I probably won’t get the job just because of that. I will hand deliver it later today anyway. At least get my info in there, and the application is all filled out for the next job that comes up. Plus my resume is updated. My problem is, anyone that could give me a good reference is dead. I either haven’t worked, or have worked for myself or Jake in the last 15 years.

Yesterday I got the pea gravel raked back to the patio. I had to skim some off the back side of the building to fill in the short side. Just didn’t have enough, had used it elsewhere. I didn’t have enough to level it, but I did pull together enough to cover the foundation on all sides. Looks pretty good. 

The power went out some time in the morning and Vicki lost her TV to a power surge, so off we went to Blythe so she could get a new TV. I bought a new fan for the bedroom because the one I had in the window in there was worthless. We had lunch at Denny’s. I ate too much of course.

Then I got the scooter out and tightened the handle bars and took a ride around the neighborhood. I finally got around to drilling some holes in the bottom of my chiminea because it had two inches of standing water in it from the night before, and finally fixed the broken door spring and then watched some TV. It was pretty good weather, it got warm, but there was a good breeze. Today is supposed to be nice too. Lower to mid 80’s. I will probably turn off the AC and leave the windows open. 

I was going to wax the car this morning. The rain the other night did a pretty good job of washing it for me, but now I am getting such a late start, it might not get done. I need to submit the job application and I told Vicki I would take her dining room table apart so she can get it into storage and make room for all her exercise equipment. Plus, I got a hose and a splitter yesterday so I could set up that sage on a watering system so I don’t have to haul water two houses down all summer. It is 9:30 and I am not even showered or dressed. 

I don’t have any clothes that would be suitable for an interview or a job. I wonder if I still have my black jeans…I will have to go to Sal’s and see if I can come up with at least a pair of pants. Maybe even a top for the interview if I get one.

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