Sunday, May 3, 2015

First pine needle basket finished

Yesterday was mainly about the patio and the basket. Ralph and Pam were here when I got back from my walk and he worked on the patio until almost 1 PM. Pam and I worked on our baskets. I decided it was time to wrap this one up, so I finished it up last night. So this is my first pine needle basket…

It ended up being kind of an odd shape. I really didn’t need the handles with that shape, but wanted the experience of making them. It has some mistakes and could use some improvement, but not bad for my first one. Judy asked me if it was fun. Fun isn’t exactly the word I would use, more like satisfying to make use of time that would have otherwise been wasted. Plus, I end up with a possible saleable product. I will be starting another when I figure out what to use as a base.

The patio project is just about half done. Another two mornings and it should be finished. Then I can rake the gravel back and adjust to the new landscape. This is how far he got yesterday. He isn’t a professional, so I don’t expect perfection, plus it is recycled materials, but all in all, it is going to be a nice addition and a definite improvement. Although the wall was pretty, it was pretty much useless.

In the afternoon, I got a nap. Slept for two hours. I needed it. Then I finished up the basket and watched some TV (which is horrible right now). Not much to watch on the two or three channels that I can tune right now. When Dancing With the Stars is done for the season, I am going to have to adjust my antenna and see if I can get my other channels back. But am not messing with it until DWTS is over. I would hate to loose that channel, it is the one I watch the most.

My stepper arrived while I was napping. I will assemble that this morning. Since it is Sunday, no great effort to walk, or do any projects other than what the spirit moves me to do. I do need to do some TVS billing and have already dealt with some paperwork this morning. I also need to get rid of yet more cardboard and the trash. That means taking the car out….undressing it and redressing it after. A chore in itself. I really have to figure out a way to shade the car and it’s tires, or just deal with the fact that every time I want to go somewhere I have a whole process to go thru on both ends.

I was so excited yesterday. I had two sets of desert willow leaves pushing thru the soil in the egg carton. Then I watered it, and they are gone. :( I don't know if they are just covered up, if the birds got them, or what. I do hope they push back thru, I will be a lot more careful when watering. There are still 10 that haven't done anything, I have high hopes. I was just getting ready to dump them and try again. I guess I will wait a little longer.

My annual seeds in the pots on the steps have germinated, so I will have some actually flowers if they don't bake in the heat. 

I still have some outdoor projects I need to get done before it gets much warmer or they will have to wait until it cools off. We hit 104 yesterday. Not supposed to be as warm today. 

Well, time for breakfast. 

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