Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Oatman Arizona and London Bridge, Lake Havasu

Yesterday was a good day. We left a little after 8 in the morning and got back around 8 last night. We headed straight to Oatman where we saw the burros and walked around, took pictures and had lunch. Then we headed for Lake Havasu and London Bridge (the real London Bridge) and hung out there for a while. A lot of walking, a lot of photos. Then we went to the Blue Water Casino in Parker for dinner. 

It was a comfortable day, Keith was a perfect gentleman. He deferred all decision making to me, did all the driving and was a good tour guide. I did get a couple of pictures of him. They aren’t the greatest, but better than nothing.

I’m tired this morning. I slept about four and half hours and have been up since 3:30. Have been dealing with the photos since about 4:30. They give me a hard time and I am starting to get cranky. But am uploading them now. I thought after a full day yesterday that I might sleep last night, but nope. Same old shit. Starting my day out tired per usual.

Might be another day trip in the near future. Maybe a ghost town. Have to do some research.

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