Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Brickwork complete!

The patio extension is done! Ralph worked from 7 AM to 4 PM to finish it up. Just need the mortar to set and to rake the pea gravel back. It looks pretty good and adds quite a bit more useable space to the patio. I’m glad it is finished. 

I called an electrician and left a message yesterday, but haven’t heard anything back. Will give it another day or so then will call someone else. That should wrap up the home improvements for a while, until I find something else that bugs me.

Pam came over for a little while in the morning, then had to go to Blythe. While she was gone, I puttered around doing some little projects I wanted done. I mixed up some JB Weld and repaired my hand cart, finally raked out the pea gravel in the back of the house (I had been needing to do that since I moved in, but out of sight, out of mind…), cooked the potatoes that were sprouting, took apart the cat crate so I can reuse the panels on the wall. Little things that I can now remove from my list. I finally got those metal peacocks off the back wall too. Again, couldn’t see them, didn’t think about them. They will be going to a friend in Texas when I get the materials together to send them.

I’m pretty pissed at FedX right now. I have been waiting for the towel rack for the bathroom. I saw a truck drive slowly by yesterday, and when I tracked the rack this morning, it has been sent back. It says the address was incorrect. WTF?! They have been delivering here since I moved in. There is a big old number 23 on the side of the house…none of the other drivers have had an issue with it. I was hoping to finally have that towel issue dealt with. Now I have to contact the seller, probably pay for shipping, just to get it sent back again. I already waited a week.

I have been trying to order a couple of folding tables on the Walmart site too, and have been unsuccessful with that. It keeps saying they are having technical difficulties. Just tried again, finally got them ordered. Yay.

It was pretty much cloudy all day yesterday, only reached the 80’s. Last night, just as I was getting ready to watch Dancing With the Stars, a huge thunderstorm rolled in. It messed with the reception and was so loud I couldn’t hear the TV anyway. What a disappointment. Of all the times for it to storm it had to be the two hours I really wanted to see on TV. But we needed the rain. I guess it dumped enough that the washes were running. I will check the rain gauge when it gets light. Of course, when the reception finally came back, I dozed off and missed Castle again. I will have to buy this season’s DVD’s when they come out. I have snoozed thru most of it already.

I may go to Parker today or tomorrow and see about getting my license and info on registering Ody in AZ. She isn’t doing any good sitting there with an expired registration. Insurance is paid in full until next March, so I might as well make her legal if it isn’t too much of a pain in the ass. I may have to have the VIN verified by local law enforcement, I had to when I registered it in VT because I bought it out of state. But we’ll see. Would be nice to get out for a little while. I'm starting to feel a little home bound. Time for a little change of scenery, and if I get stuff accomplished, so much the better.

Well, I guess that is about it for today. I think I am going to try to get another hour of sleep. I have been up since 2AM. Going to be a long day if I don’t.

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