Monday, May 4, 2015

A very quiet Sunday

I didn’t do a whole lot yesterday since it was Sunday and I took the day off. I did get the stepper assembled, it is exactly like the one I had in IP. That will be very handy and I won’t have to feel so guilty about not walking in the summer heat. At least I will be getting some exercise. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and actually kind of hides behind my chair in front of the sliding glass doors. 

Temps topped out at 99 degrees.

I’m starting to feel a little crowded in here. With the addition of the swamp cooler, the printer stand, floor lamp and stepper, it is becoming too much. Time to stop. Same with the patio. One of the things I liked about this place was the feeling of openness, and that is fading fast.

I didn’t even putter yesterday. I did get rid of all the cardboard and the garbage, cooked the three little acorn squash I got in my basket, peeled and froze them, and put some beans in the crock pot to cook over night. I got a good nap in the afternoon. The swamp cooler blows towards my chair, so it is quite comfortable. The ceiling fan in the bedroom is doing it’s job and distributing the AC air more evenly in the room too. I’m glad I put that in. I need to get a longer chain on that tho so I can reach it to change the speed.

I watched the MASH final episode on TV last night. That was over two hours and it had been so long that it was all new again. I remembered bits and pieces of it, and it was interesting to see the actors and hear their comments over 30 years later.

I need to fix the spring on my screen door, that broke the other day. It didn’t last long, I installed it when I moved in. I might need to get a heavier spring. Always something.

Today I am going to try to find an electrician and get two outlets and a circuit breaker for the patio. It has one, dead center, and I don’t want to run a bunch of extension cords out there. I need one by the work bench and one in the front for the scooter. That will be the last of the work for a while. If I get Ody sold, I will see about doing the floors, then I will be done. Time to start doing some fun stuff. That is why I am here. Plus, I’m out of money. It will have to be cheap fun stuff....

Ralph is coming back this morning to do some more brick work. I will be glad when that is done. It is dragging out, and I want to get the pea gravel raked back into position. I’m tired of seeing the piles, and having my day determined by events. Today is only supposed to be in the 80’s and partly cloudy. A good day for working outside. Depending upon how much he gets done today, hopefully it will be finished tomorrow. Then I need to figure out some brick or block for the front walk to the new patio extension. No rush on that tho. 

In the interest of saving space, I have decided to leave the ice maker outside on the patio. It can’t keep up with the heat when it is above 95 degrees or so, so I have been dumping ice in a container and putting it in the freezer and turning it off during the day and only running it at night. That seems to be working for me. A couple of cycles is enough ice to last the day with a little left over. I’m going thru a lot of ice and water since it is so dry here. The swamp cooler puts a little humidity inside, so that helps the dry skin issue, but I am still having trouble with my feet drying and cracking and my eyes get dry when I am outdoors.

No new sprouts on my desert willow. :( I will give it a few more days then start over. I really want a couple of shade trees. I still want to get a few cuttings and try propagating them that way too. 

I need to get another base and get a new basket started. Will have to see what Pam has for bases. 

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