Monday, May 18, 2015

Road trip

A very quiet day here yesterday. I vacuumed and washed the kitchen and bathroom floors, cut up half my watermelon and puttered for a little while. The rest of the day I read. Started and finished one book and got about half way thru another. Fell asleep in the chair reading last night. Hoping it was some quality sleep since I only got about five hours last night.

Today is road trip day. Off to Oatman to see the wild burros. Hoping to get a lot of photos, taking both cameras. This is also my first day out since Kali Cat got really sick. It will be nice. Looking forward to seeing more of Arizona. Supposed to be a nice day topping out in the mid 80’s and of course, it will be cooler in Oatman.

Today I start my duties as summer park monitor. Only one street to check this morning.  Tuesday is nothing, then Wednesday is this street again. I won’t have to go far. :) Glenn and Diane left yesterday. They offered to let me park my car in their car port. I am going to do it. That will keep it out of the worst of the summer sun and hopefully I won’t have to dress and undress it every tie I use it. They are down to the end on the next street over, a little walk, but not bad. I just hope I won’t have to use the car in the worst of the summer heat, it will be a long walk in 120 and 130 degree temps. I could scooter down tho.

By just having the seed block and carrots out, it is much more peaceful here with the birds. Lot fewer and less fighting. Plus I don’t have the chore of feeding every morning. Generally a lot less noisy too. I think I will continue with the seed block until it becomes a problem. I did have a quail fight here yesterday. Or I am assuming it was a fight. I think it was two males, will have to look and see if the females have a different pattern. The quail are so much fun to watch and listen to. I still haven’t seen a road runner. Did you know that roadrunners were carnivores? I didn’t know that until recently. I guess they love raw hamburger.

The fountain is working much better with the extra water under it. :) I just have to figure out how to keep the hole from getting blocked so it doesn’t over flow and drains back into the bucket. The birds have a tendency to leave droppings and it clogs up the works. Maybe a screen of some sort. 

I finally got the manual downloaded for my washing machine. There is no cleanable lint filter. It has one, but nothing I can get to. I guess I will have to run an empty washer every once in a while. Doing a smaller load doesn’t help. I rewashed my towels and stuff that I had washed with the new flannel sheet and added vinegar as suggested and that helped get rid of the fuzz from the sheet. Might be something I have to do on a regular basis. If I had a dryer, it wouldn’t be a problem. The dryer would get rid of the lint for me. But I don’t. I may at some point get one tho. Another one like the little one I had in IP. It was slow, but it did a good job and didn’t need any special wiring. I could keep it outdoors here. I would need to save up for that.

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