Friday, May 29, 2015

102 degrees, just the beginning...

We topped out at 102 yesterday. I didn’t spend much time outside after my walk. I got in a morning nap of an hour or so, then put a hamburger soup in the crock pot, made a salad for my lunch for the next couple of days and chopped up half the watermelon. Then I had to take the garbage to the dumpster, so I got the scooter out and did that. I parked the scooter in the enclosed patio area and haven't put it's cover on making it easier to use. Maybe I will actually use it.

I read two books in the afternoon. I guess I am going to have to find something more productive to do in the afternoons until I start working. I have the basket I started that needs to be finished, and materials for a couple more. Plus, I still want to try my hand at watercolor painting. I have all of that stuff in my closet so I won’t have to go hunting for it if I feel inspired.

It was way too hot to work in the shed, so no bracelet blanks again yesterday. The forecast for the next ten days or so is HOT. I am so not looking forward to the real summer heat. But I guess I need to experience it at least once. 

Another divided night. About three hours in bed, up for a couple and then two more in the chair. Better than nothing, but it gets me up too late to get everything in in the morning. This is the singles breakfast morning and I need to be ready to go by 8:45. I can’t do it all in two hours. I'm hungry!

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