Monday, May 25, 2015

Another holiday

Not much to write about. I cut a piece of copper tubing and made a plain copper bangle for myself. Am considering doing another today. Not sure if I will use the same size tubing or one size smaller. I tried soldering with the copper solder again, but it was a fail. Ended going with the lead free silver colored solder. Not sure what the problem is, but I guess I will figure it out at some point. If I make one today, I want to try texturing with the rolling mill.

Went to the store with Vicki yesterday. I bought some water to make some sun tea with. I have made it with filtered water here, but I didn’t like it. Not sure if it is the water or the brand of tea bags. Thought I would start with the water first.

So I went outside this morning because Vicki pulled up, while I was out there, thought of something I wanted to do, and by the time I made it back to the computer, it is completely gone. :) I did get fresh hummer juice made, a cup of coffee to cool for iced coffee and the sun tea transferred from its maker jug to the fridge jug. I hate it when I do that. That is why I keep about a dozen lists on my phone, but I didn’t have it with me, so whatever it was didn’t get put on the list.

There is a big memorial day event going on in the park this afternoon, but it is going to be close to 100 degrees by then, so I guess I am not going. 

Looking into the singles group here in Q. See what that is all about. I don’t want a full time relationship, but would like to have someone to do stuff with. My recent date isn’t that person. But at least I have my first date out of the way now.

It was another very bad night for sleeping. I got about three hours total, so a late start this morning. Again. I’m skipping my rounds for today. It is a holiday and it is also a street that gets watered twice in a week. I will make sure it gets done whatever day is next. It is already too hot to be out walking.  Of course, the lack of sleep is making me cranky too.

So I guess I will get myself moving, try to remember what it was I wanted to do, and see if I can get another bracelet done. Should go a little faster this morning since I have already done one with the new tools. And I know I can’t use the copper solder, so I won’t waste that time either. I guess I am going to have to take a class on soldering. Sigh….

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